National Cherry Pie Day 2022 – How to Celebrate National Cherry Pie Day?

National Cherry Pie Day 2022

National Cherry Pie Day is celebrated on February 20, 2022. It’s a day to celebrate the deliciousness of cherry pie and all it has to offer! This blog post will teach you about the history of National Cherry Pie Day, what activities are popular for this festive holiday, and how you can get in on all the fun!

History Of National Cherry Pie Day

The first pie dates back as far ago 9500 B.C., in ancient Egypt when people loved sweet and juicy treats that were encased by a crisp crust to hold all its flavors together! They usually made their pies out of honey beeswax-infused water jugs (“Reefers”), rice dough, or barley with fruit fillings like apples dipped into a syrup before being glued shut for extra sweetness – now those are some good times folks!.

The invention of the pie is one that has impacted our culture for centuries. Its first recorded appearance in Europe was at the time when it became preferred foodstuff by royalty and wealthy citizens alike, which led to its extensive usage as Tupperware during baking sessions because you could carry your goods around without them getting messy – let alone burning!

In the 1500s, fruit pies were introduced and became popular. The cherry pie is believed to have first appeared during this time as a gift presented by England’s Queen Elizabeth I who had been impressed with its taste at court; there are also records of it being served in another royal residence before then becoming widely known among members outside those circles where such delicacies could be sampled without suspicion or offense (even though they may not actually know how one thing tastes like).

The cherry pie is one of America’s favorite desserts, traditionally made with tart cherries instead of sweet ones. Morello cherries can also be used in place for the traditional red variety and give this classic dish a unique twist!

National Cherry Pie Day Activities

  1. Bake your own pie

The Pie is Now Yours

I hope you’re ready for a mouth-watering, homemade cherry pie. There are so many great recipes online and I know that your taste buds will thank me later!

  1. Visit the pie shop

You do not have to be an avid baker yourself in order to enjoy the festivities of this holiday. Why don’t you treat yourself and those special people close enough with a tasty pie from one of our local bakers?

  1. Buy statement fashion pieces

If you’re not into pie-eating then there are other ways to celebrate this holiday. Why not buy some gorgeous clothing or jewelry in the shape of a slice?


  1. Calming Qualities

You are not alone if you find yourself thinking of warm and happy thoughts while reading this — surveys show that almost 50% of Americans think comforting things when the word ‘pie’ is mentioned.

  1. Outlawed

One of the most interesting and unusual laws in Kansas is that it was illegal to serve cherry pie ice cream. This law, which dates back to 1891 when people first got creative with their desserts at restaurants like Pappajohn’s by serving different flavors on top of each other (peach Cobbler being one such dish), has been repealed since then but you can still get your hands on some delicious cherries from Otaheit tanneries while enjoying a cone today!

  1. Dessert for breakfast

Before the 1900s, fruit pies were often served as a common breakfast option. If you had to spend your day working or school-related activities would start early in order for them not to interfere with what’s planned later on at home.

  1. Pie chart-topper

Pies are one of the most iconic desserts in America. There is a whole pie shop devoted just to cherry pies, where you can find different flavors as blueberry crumble or apple cinnamon streusel!

5.The original Tupperware

In addition to being edible, pie crusts have been used for centuries as an easy way of preserving food. They were originally designed so that the pastry wouldn’t spoil during long ocean voyages when sailors would pack a piece or two with their meager stores before setting sail on risky journeys across uncharted seas-a Consumption custom known today as “tiding” in which we place something under our potluck dishes at gatherings where leftovers are served!


  1. Great for sharing

A whole pie is the ideal celebration centerpiece. With its beautiful presentation and delicious taste, you’ll be able to share your love for baking with everyone at home!

  1. The versatility

The joy of eating a slice of pie never has to be dampened by tradition. Grandma’s traditional flavors can still delight your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied, even if it is not the same as before.

A cherry-filled pastry will always have an elusive quality that makes every bite so delicious no matter how many times one slices into its warm flaky crust with its fork or knife.

  1. A great pairing

Nothing is better than the perfect taste of cherry pie when paired with whipped cream or poured over ice cream. However, there are some things that go well too – like advertising campaigns appealing to your senses!


The National Cherry Pie Day is a way of commemorating the delicious flavor and aroma that can be found in this tasty dish. Whether you like to indulge yourself, give as gifts or simply enjoy sharing with others (and let’s face it who doesn’t want to do all three?), there are so many reasons why we should celebrate one of America’s favorite desserts.

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