NATIONAL CHIA DAY – March 23, 2022

National Chia Day:

The date of March 23rd is a certified national holiday in Mexico and worldwide known as Chia Day. This particular day celebrates the tiny yet powerful chia seeds that have earned their renown for being one if not THE foremost nutritional rich foods globally, especially within Mexican culture where it’s used mostly as an appetizer or side dish (especially alongside rice).

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Why National Chia Day?

With a flavor similar to basil, chia seeds are an angiosperm of the Labiate family native only in Central America and the southwestern United States. The cream-colored meal they contain refers to themselves as “the gold standard” by many cultures who sprinkle these over dishes like yogurt casseroles or desserts while others just eat them straight up without any mixing at all!

Chia seeds were invented by mamma chia in February 2016 and introduced to distribute as a national observation day. This has been certified on the list of calendar days, which will celebrate its sacral use for centuries now!

Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which provide the body with essential nutrients and protection. They can be added to any food or drink without changing its flavor profile – perfect!

Chiapas probably became so popular because it provides people all over again something that they seem too busy acquiring: health benefits from natural ingredients in their diet (1). The reality behind this tiny black ball isn’t just about what you’re putting into your mouth; there are also medicinal properties related via its fiber content alongside antioxidants like vitamin C power up against free radicals. National Chia Day is a day to recognize this seed for all it does for human health!

Benefits of chia seeds

Chia seeds are also propitious in weight loss. They imbibe large amounts of water and flourish inside your stomach, which increases fullness while slowing down absorption rates for food you eat later on during the day or even if it’s just one glass before bedtime! Several studies have explained how soluble fiber glucomannan works showing similar results as those from treating diverticulosis- high fiber diets help reduce prevalence by absorbing more fluids within our colon so that passage becomes easier after eating certain things such as airplane debris (yikes!).

We all know the importance of eating a healthy, fiber-filled diet to decrease inflammation. However, did you also realize that it can be instrumental in preventing constipation and other digestive issues? A high-quality fiber supplement may help with this process as well!

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What’s the connection between diet and heart health? New studies are finding that dietary fiber might regulate inflammation, which could lead to diverse conditions like disorders or diabetes.

The cardioprotective effects of plant-based diets with plenty of whole grains can be attributed in part to their high level of thiamine—a B vitamin essential for manufacturing collagenous blood vessels where it acts as an antioxidant trap against free radicals linked both CVD risk factors as well noncommunicable illnesses such cancer.

How can we observe National Chia Day?

Adding and decoration

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or newbie, chia seeds can transport your energy and strength in the form of vitality. You’ll want to use these powerhouses for their nutritional punch when getting through hard days at work as well!

Use hashtag

Celebrate National Chia Day by adding chia seeds to every meal! Post a photo of your dish and use the hashtag #NationalChiaday for more celebration.

Interesting facts on National Chia Day:

Chia seeds offer a great deal of nutritional value. They are rich in protein and anti-oxidants, with 30% more protective properties than blueberries! The omega 3 fatty acids they contain make them similar to salmon but without the fat content (and much better for your heart). This little grain also carries 10 times as much calcium per serving size than milk does – making it an excellent choice whether you’re looking at bones or muscles.

Chia seeds are a unique and healthy addition to your diet. They’re rich in fiber, potassium, have low carbs (just enough for satiety) with 25% more antioxidants than flaxseed! What’s not love?

The company behind these nutritional goodies is called mama chiasa–they’re have been around since 2009 when founder DB realized there was nothing available on the market he felt comfortable feeding his family while also maintaining their health. National Chia Day is the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with this powerful seed!

History of National Chia Day:

Chia seeds are small yet powerful; they hold nutritional punch in any food. The registrar of the national calendar has marked 23rd march as National Chia Day, and these native Central American nutty little fruits can be made into pudding or bread with their versatility alone! Not only do you get an added boost from all those healthy omega 3s (which help your immune system) but also fiber to keep things running smoothly down there too. National Chia Day is the perfect time to add these babies to every dish you can think of!

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