Best National Cocoa Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings

Best National Cocoa Day Messages: National Cocoa Day is an important day for chocolate lovers. It’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favorite cocoa-based desserts, or even to create a new recipe!

Here are some ideas on how you could celebrate National Cocoa Day this year:

1) Make Homemade Hot Chocolate – The best hot chocolate recipes include melted dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Add milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and nutmeg to taste while it’s still simmering. This will give you a rich cup of deliciousness that everyone can enjoy!

2) Bake Some Cookies – There are so many wonderful cookie recipes out there that use cocoa as an ingredient! You could try making cookies with all sorts of flavors like peanut butter and jelly, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, or even white chocolate macadamia nut!

About National Cocoa Day

National Cocoa Day is a day for those who love cocoa and chocolate, to come together and celebrate their favorite sweet! The holiday started in 2012 by the Nestle Chocolate Company as an opportunity for people to enjoy all that cocoa has to offer.

National Cocoa Day-Date is December 13th.

National Hot Chocolate Day is an awesome day to enjoy a warm drink and celebrate our favorite wintertime snack.

NCHDD celebrates hot chocolate by giving people across the country one chance every year on January 31st, as well as encouraging them not just to limit themselves with their choice in favor of others who may not be able to afford it or like sweet treats!

History Of National Cocoa Day

 The history of National Cocoa Day, a day dedicated to cocoa and chocolate lovers.

Cocoa was first used as an ingredient in food by the ancient Aztecs. Although they considered it a drink only fit for Gods, once Europeans learned about its properties from Mayan people that had previously come into contact with them; it became very popular.

Christopher Columbus brought cocoa beans from the New World to Europe. But then Hernán Cortés found out that Aztec emperor Montezuma drank 50 cups of hot chocolate every day!

From there on, Europeans began drinking it as well and started using other ingredients like milk, sugar, and vanilla to make it more flavorful.

Today cocoa is used in all sorts of desserts like cakes, brownies, cookies, or chocolate bars. Cocoa powder is tasty to eat. It has many health benefits too!

Full of antioxidants and flavanols that can help reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, and even boost brain function. So next time you’re in the mood for something sweet, why not try to make some cocoa-based desserts!

National Cocoa Day is observed next on Friday, December 13th, 2019. It has always been observed annually on December 13th.

National Cocoa Day Greetings, Messages And Quotes

National cocoa day greetings:

– The best day to celebrate the national cocoa day is with your book and a hot cup of chocolate, and your comfy couch. That’s best to honor the cocoa day.

– The hot chocolate increases and soothes your mood more frequently than any therapy—happy national cocoa day.

– Nothing gives me more happiness than a comfortable place and a cup of hot cocoa. These are the things that make life happier.

– Don’t waste this day by sitting at home; celebrate it by going out with your family and friends, have a hot cup of cocoa, and discuss the memories. Happy national cocoa day.

– I am not too fond of the hot cup of cocoa aid no one ever, and if anyone ever says that run away from them, they are dangerous. They don’t know what real happiness and satisfaction are.

– True cocoa fans know that every sip of hot cocoa will give you different happiness—happy national cocoa day.

– They said balance is essential in life, so I bought two cups of hot cocoa for both of my hands. Balance is needed to be maintained with full enthusiasm.

– Cocoa is bitter initially, then become sweet with time in the same way life struggles become fruitful—happy national cocoa day.

– When it’s cold outside, then the only thing one can crave is a hot cup of cocoa to make your day complete.

– Only a true cocoa fan will understand that not all cocoas taste the same—happy national cocoa day.

– They said happiness could not be bought with money; maybe they haven’t purchased a hot cocoa cup because if they had, they wouldn’t have said that.

– A hot cup of cocoa has the power to cure all the sadness, sorrows, and loneliness—happy national cocoa day.

Happy national cocoa day messages:

– They said they believed in love at first sight; I said I think in love at first sip. When I took the first sip of my hot cocoa, I knew this relationship would be for life.

– Only hot cocoa cups can make everyone happy, not the humans; if you want everyone to be satisfied, be cocoa.

– Cocoa is the cheapest therapy anyone can afford them and start healing.

–  The world needs more days like a cocoa day, which celebrates peace, calmness, and sweetness, not war and destruction.

– Let’s gather together on a feast and have a drink of cocoa. Let’s spend the day together in style.

– The world needs more heroes who came with ideas for hot cocoa cups; they are the real heroes required to be celebrated.

– No one likes to share their hot cups of cocoa, and there is no rule to share them, and if it’s there, everyone is free to break them.

Happy national cocoa day quotes

“Will looked horrified. “What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?”
― Cassandra Clare

“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.”
― Joanne Harris

“What you see before you, my friend is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.”
― Katharine Hepburn

How To Celebrate National Cocoa Day?

After a day of playing in the snow, why not warm up with some hot cocoa? In this age where time is tight and money’s scarce, it can be difficult to make sure everyone has their needs met. Introducing: The Cocoa Bar!

Host an event at home or on your deck. By doing this, you will not forget important things like healthcare coverage.

When you meet friends, tell them that they need “medical attention.” Then give them cups with ingredients inside that they can add to their liking.

We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to celebrate National Cocoa Day! Have fun, be safe and remember: it’s all for one and one for all! Happy National Cocoa Day everyone!!!

National Cocoa Day is an important day for chocolate lovers! It’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favorite cocoa-based desserts, or even create a new recipe! 

Make Homemade Hot Chocolate

Bake Some Cookies  

National Cocoa Day Syndrome

National Cocoa Day Syndrome is a unique disease that can only be contracted on December 13th each year. It begins when the first person who hears about National Cocoa Day gets sick with flu-like symptoms and a strong craving for chocolate or cocoa.

Within 12 hours, their family members get it too! This continues until everyone in the country has it. Some people can resist the temptation for chocolate, but only at the cost of feeling an overwhelming desire to do something nice for someone else!


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