National Comfy Day 2022 – How to Celebrate National Comfy Day?

National Comfy Day 2022

National Comfy Day has been celebrated for over 10 years now. Originally created by the founder of The Beary Cozy Company, this day is all about being comfy! Today we’ll explore how to make your own comfy-themed decorations, what national events are happening today to celebrate this special holiday and some interesting facts that you may not have known. National Comfy Day 2022


Whether it be National Lazy Day on August 10, or any day of the year for that matter – don’t feel bad about being lazy. In fact, we encourage you to take some time off from your busy life and enjoy what is important in this world: staying healthy by not exercising as frequently; having more free time with family members who love us unconditionally no matter how much work is going around at our job sites (yes they will still pay attention); taking care of those pesky ailments such acne breakouts or Rosacea – all while watching Netflix every night until 2 am!

History Of National Comfy Day

The origins of National Lazy Day are unknown. We did our research but got lazy and didn’t dig deeper, so here’s what we know: First off- the day has been celebrated every year since at least 1948 when President Harry S Truman signed an executive order establishing it on June 6th, 1949 as “Lawday Holiday.” Secondly…

National Lazy Day is the one day of the year when you can do whatever strikes your fancy. It’s a great way to stay in bed and watch movies all morning or spend most of it on couch potatoes with snacks clutched tightly between their teeth as they catch up from not being able to physically move around much during winter break!

Do you know those times when you feel like your laziness is a blessing? Well, I don’t think it’s always true. Sure there are some people who would rather save energy for things that really matter to them and they’re not lazy at all; instead, we can find ourselves in this situation through our own choice or circumstance because sometimes life gets hectic—especially if we let it get out of control!

A lot goes on around us unbeknownst (and often unexpectedly) until one day something changes everything–something small maybe even insignificant compared with what has come before but still different. This is often the case with laziness; it can be something that slowly builds up (over time) or hits us all at once like a bag of bricks, and either way makes you want to give up on life entirely! National Comfy Day 2022.

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National Comfy Day Activities

  1. Plan something (and by something — we mean nothing)

We all need a day to be lazy. It’s National Lazy Day! On this one single occasion in your life, don’t do anything at all – just lie around on the couch and watch some Netflix or play video games until you feel like getting back up again later today (or tomorrow).

  1. Find a lazy river upon which to float lazily.

The river is waiting for you. Let it push, pull and carry the inner tube as far downstream as your adventure takes us!

  1. Turn your phone off.

Although checking our phones for text messages or Facebook notifications might seem like a lazy thing to do, research has shown this habit can actually be beneficial.

A recent study conducted by Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Graduate School of Business found that people who frequently checked social media sites had higher self-esteem than those who did not check them at all! So next time you’re feeling bored with nothing on your plate just whip out your phone and give yourself some encouragement – there’s more than enough entertainment right beneath our fingertips (literally).


  1. Oscar Wilde admired lazy people

Some people believe that to do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in this world, but one of his characters opined differently.

2. Sloths aren’t lazy

To be fair, these creatures are so sluggish they can barely move. Algae love growing on their fur because it has plenty of energy to spare!

3. You can’t be lazy if you like etymology

The origin of the word “lazy” is uncertain, but it likely stems from Middle-Low German. This language had no single word for this concept; instead, there were words like Kasich which meant lazy or indolent.

The earliest entry in English dictionaries about laziness was found in the early 18th century meaning ‘not industrious’ – that seems fitting given what we know today!

4. It is genetic for some

It turns out that laziness is in our genes. A mutation of the gene responsible for dopamine receptors can make us less inclined to work hard and be more likely to resort to easy modes of behavior like watching TV all day instead!

5. Laziness leads to creativity and deep thought

When we are in standby mode, the default network (DMN) part of our brain is activated. This can be seen as an opportunity for deep thinking and daydreaming!


1. We’re exhausted

In the go-go world, we live in, it’s important to take time out and enjoy life. We can always use another day off!

2. It’s good for us.

Science has long since proven the truth of this statement.

Science and medicine all point to one conclusion – we work too hard for too many hours on end, sometimes without any real reward or appreciation from our employers! National Lazy Day reminds us that it’s okay just take some time off every now again; even if you’re feeling rushed at work right now (and let me tell ya-there are days!), taking 10 minutes out will do wonders in helping restore your sanity during those hectic weeks ahead.”

3. We can reconnect.

Observing National Lazy Day is a great opportunity to reconnect with the things we love — like our families and outdoor adventures.


National Comfy Day is February 20th, 2022. This is your opportunity to forget all the stress in life and just do nothing at all! Whether you’re on a lazy river.

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