National Common Courtesy Day

National Common Courtesy Day is a day to remind ourselves of how we should act. On this day, we should be kind and thoughtful. We should also work hard every day so that others have opportunities too.

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Why National Common Courtesy Day

Courtesy is one of the most important factors in our lives. It sets us apart from other living beings, and it should never be lost or neglected because people are forgetting how valuable morality can seem when they’re not shown proper respect by others! So today I’ll remind everyone just what kind-heartedness means–civility towards every individual around you even if he/she has done something wrong before.

National Common Courtesy Day is a day where we should show our courtesy and kindness. When you’re out with friends or family, it’s important to think about who might not be as fortunate enough to have other people take care of them when they need help most–that includes strangers too! On this special occasion I will leave one seat for someone else on public transport if there are no available seats myself; also make sure all my actions reflect what matters most: commonality between human beings regardless of race, religion, etc.

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We all know the old saying “a gentle touch begets a kind response.” It’s true! If we are not showing our respects and/or being polite when someone deserves it, they will eventually come back around to bite us in the behind. And even if you’re not in your right mind–that still won’t matter much because there’ll always be plenty of others who can Guide Your Path forward while helping make things better for everyone involved; but only if everyone acts accordingly from now on…

This is a great way to make people happy and feel good! If you keep this act of generosity in your home or workplace, then even if someone has been bothering us all day long- eventually they’ll change for the better. We tend to follow the action closely; when one person does something nice it makes others want to do as well–and soon there will be an entire majority who does nothing but show courtesy around here. But don’t worry: I bet no one could have ever believed what happened next?

How Can We Observe National Common Courtesy Day?

materialism is a huge issue in our society, but there are ways to celebrate this day without spending too much money. For example, you can make memories with family and friends by following these steps:

  • Remember how people were kind to you. We all need help sometimes and we should always be thankful when someone helps us. We may forget this or feel embarrassed to ask for what we want, but that’s okay. Just take out one day-planning sheet each week so that by the end of your stay at home on Thanksgiving, you can show how much you care about your family members with just some words between two people who love each other very much. This National Common Courtesy Day, spend time with your family!
  • Show kindness. Kindness is an important part of being human. Often we can show kindness by giving up our seat for someone or saying sorry when they have been injured in some way, but it’s also nice if you can be kind with your time and energy as well- offering help where required so that others will feel valued members within society!
  • Share with everyone. This is a day to celebrate common courtesy and kindness. Make sure you share your thoughts on this wonderful idea!

Interesting Facts On National Common Courtesy Day

Some interesting facts about this custom have been around for a long time. For example, the ancient Egyptians and Chinese philosophers taught us how to behave as individuals 3000 years ago. They showed us how to stay human in a world where we are often asked not only what we know but also who we are.

Ptahhotep from the 3rd Millennium BC wrote guidelines on how to act wisely in society. This was during the Zhou Dynasty in China, when Mencius wrote about the benefits of being humane to others.

Nowadays, people are more polite than ever before. This is thanks to the refinement of manners and etiquette in society that began back in America’s history when people started to become more cultured and refined themselves. One example of this is the increased use of courtesy in interviews, where interviewees may be asked about their style or how they would behave in certain situations.

History Of National Common Courtesy Day

We all know those common manners are important. People have been using good manners for a long time. It is a shame that we forget how to be polite so often. National Courtesy Day is a day to remind people how important it is to be polite.

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