National Compliment Day – January 24, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Compliment Day is a day of celebration, where everyone tries to make each other feel good. It’s the perfect day for people to express how they feel about others and themselves. On this special occasion, you must share the love with your friends and family members on social media by complimenting them! So get ready for National Compliment Day on January 24th!

History Of National Compliment Day

A good job deserves some praise, and that’s why we’re all too happy to throw our hats in with a group of people who take pride in their work. The best kind of compliment is one given informatively: it doesn’t sound like fluff or empty words; rather these three examples provide insight into how others perceive us which can allow for improved self-esteem (and maybe even motivation!).

“You did such an amazing job! You must be proud.” This type refers directly toward another person’s accomplishments without making them feel Like They’ve got nothing going On AT ALL™ — because let’s face facts: nobody wants Their work to be met with silence. When you take the time to verbally acknowledge someone’s hard work, it makes them feel good!

“You are so talented!” This type of compliment is less about your skills and more about The Talent that You have in being able To know what other people are thinking without Their having said anything at all™ — a talent that a lot of people wish they had! People love to feel as though their thoughts and opinions are being understood, so if someone makes the effort to let you know how special your mind is, it’s always going to be great for morale.

“You look amazing.” This type of compliment works because It can make You feel better about yourself™ — and it’s a simple, direct statement that doesn’t require too much thought. If you’re feeling down about yourself for whatever reason, an uplifting remark can go a long way toward helping You to feel better again!


40% of compliments accepted

When women receive compliments from other females, the acceptance rate is much lower. In a study by SSDRH4 LLC., it was found that when they were complimented in general terms only 40% of the time would accept them as well but if one receives this type of the with just womanly intuition or sisterhood then even fewer will take up their offer!

61% say it embarrasses them

So why do most women find it hard to accept compliments? Well, 61% of those surveyed said the main reason is an embarrassment. This means that a lot of our behavior as humans can be explained by how we feel about ourselves and what others think – so if you’re feeling down on your luck with accepting praise from someone else then chances are there’s more going through their head than just being sincere!

63% accepted by men

The authors of this study found that when given the option between receiving compliments and rejecting them like a disinterested man would do in an effort for self-preservation or acceptance but not meaning it at all; only 37% were immediately rejected by participants.

I’m sure most men can relate to wanting some affirmation from time to time even though they might act cool about getting too many “compliments.”

I hope this helps you to realize that we all should be more aware of how we’re feeling about ourselves and what others think as well. Think about it: if someone else was constantly putting themselves down, wouldn’t you want them to know they were doing a great job? If so, then don’t let your insecurities stop you from doing the same.

National Compliment Day Activities

1. Compliment a stranger

On National Compliment Day, it is a given that you will compliment your friends and co-workers. But what about the people who are right in front of us? I mean strangers! Step out of your comfort zone for this one because they may not know how much their actions affect someone else’s life or mood on an everyday basis

A person should never underestimate just how important compliments can be – especially with SocialStatus where we rate our interactions by number 1-5 instead of 5 being best (or worst). A nice unexpected touch could turn even an average interaction into something special between two individuals: “I appreciate when my partner does x,” said satisfied person 3 point rating; “Thankful response but no empathy,” said a person with no ratings. A good way to get started is by complimenting the staff serving you at your local shop or even just saying thank you to the bus driver; there are plenty of opportunities where we can see someone’s efforts so let’s start taking advantage!

2. Spread the good vibes on social media

In a world where people are always on the go, it can be hard to find time for small gestures. So next time you’re in an awkward conversation with someone and they need some encouragement or just want someone else there who understands them because life gets tough sometimes too…

You should try complimenting their outfit! There is nothing more embarrassing than realizing after all these years that your date has not put together an appropriate wardrobe for their event – don’t let this happen by practicing #NationalComplimentsDay every single week ahead of its occurrence so when February 27th rolls around we’ll have lots of examples from which choose yours wisely!

3. Challenge friends, family, and coworkers

Do you have any friends or family who are not too busy to say “thank you” for a kind word? If so, ask them. People love receiving compliments–especially when it’s coming from someone they know! It might be hard getting started because sometimes we can feel self-conscious about our appearance but just remember that everyone deserves an awesome day now and then; however small theirs may seem in comparison with other people’s lives.

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“You’re like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.”

“I’m not sure why you look so much older than me,” said the man to his friend. “But no one can deny that your beard has taken on some new colors over these past few weeks!”

2.“The Help”

Aibileen: “You are kind, you are smart and your life matters to me.”

AIBIDGEEN — she worked for Ms.ones in the house as a maid but more than that she was like a family! She cared deeply about everyone’s happiness because of her joys and sorrows brought into their lives by working there for so many years. One time when these two men came over wanting company Aibidgien couldn’t help but spill out her true feelings about what everyone had brought into their lives.


The first snow of winter has just fallen and you can’t help but smile. The air smells fresh, the sound of crunching under your feet as you walk is music to ears; all this adds up to one thing: Christmas! You might be wondering what’s happening with everyone else so take some time out for yourself by slipping these cards into envelopes or placing them onto doorknobs throughout town—it’ll make them feel loved too!

4.“Jerry Maguire”

Jerry thinks that he is incomplete without his wife. He believes the two are better together, and nothing could make him question this belief ever again.

5.“Christmas Vacation”

Funnyman Clark Griswold is back with another gem of a quote, this time talking about how innocent his cousin-in-law truly is.


1. It can build confidence

How nice! Receiving a compliment can make you feel good about yourself and your accomplishments. Having someone notice how great it is that we’re living in such an amazing world with all these opportunities for us, too – makes our day just a little bit brighter knowing they appreciate what we’ve done or been able to accomplish.

A simple phrase like ‘Thank You’ sometimes goes unnoticed but saying something positive when someone has assisted with services without expecting anything return brightens up their entire week.

2. Anyone can celebrate

“I know you’re probably stressed out about spending money on gifts at Christmas, but compliments are free. Plus anyone can give a compliment – no matter how much or little is in their bank account.”

3. Compliments work — in the workplace

Bosses should embrace the power of compliments. One little word can take your employees from complacent to motivated in an instant, helping them perform at their best and rewarding them for it!

– Bosses that are constantly critiquing instead of complementing risk losing valuable workers who want nothing more than positive feedback about what they’re doing right – “Who doesn’t love hearing good things?”


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