National Consignment Day 2022 – Things Everyone Should Know!

National Consignment Day 2022: National Consignment Day is a day to celebrate the many benefits of consigning your goods for sale. This year National Consignment Day falls on October 4, so it’s time for you to start thinking about how you can celebrate!

This blog post will discuss how to prepare and what you should do on National Consignment Day. You’ll also learn about some other events happening around the same time as National Conspletion Day – maybe these will help inspire your celebration plans!

About National Consignment Day

Check your overstuffed closet, and you will find everything from designer clothes to evening gowns, fine jewelry, last year’s blue jeans that have never been worn.

Most importantly, for cash in your pocket is the opportunity to sell them off at a fraction of retail prices with consignment shops like thredUP. You can also exchange someone else’s fashion sense by shopping there because nothing ends up in landfills; instead, it keeps the cycle of good taste alive!

National Consignment Day-Date is October 4

The National Consignment Day date is October 2020. The actual day depends on the United States calendar, and it will either fall in September or October of each year according to how early or late that particular month falls.

National Consignment Day Celebration Ideas

There are many fun ways for families and friends to celebrate National Consignment Day: – Have a “dress up” day – wear consignment clothing from your closet to a local bar or coffee shop.

– Use the National Consignment Day as an opportunity for a complete closet cleanout and include kids this time! Donate everything that’s been sitting around in good condition but no longer fits, wears too tiny, is stained beyond repair, or you haven’t used it recently.

– Get everyone involved in planning National Consignment Day brunch or dinner! You can make it potluck style and have fun with the food AND the decorations by using consigned items as part of your table settings, decorating scheme, etc.

History Of National Consignment Day

National Consignment Day began in the late 1990s, but it didn’t become a national holiday until 2001. The United States has been celebrating this day to help raise awareness about the benefits of consignment shopping – especially for children’s clothing and toys!

Many families have also used National Consignment Day as an opportunity to clean out their closets and make some extra cash.

How To Celebrate National Consignment Day?

If you’re looking for ideas on how to celebrate National Consignment Day, here are a few options: – Organize an event with friends and family.

It can be anything from brunch or dinner parties to pot luck style gatherings. – Get together with your kids and clean out their closets, so they have room to grow! You will both feel great when you’re finished. – Clean out your closet and make some extra cash!

National Consignment Day Syndrome

National Consignment Day has even inspired a new medical term – National Consignment Day Syndrome! This refers to the overwhelming feeling of happiness, joy, and satisfaction you get when you donate your used items.

You might feel sad about giving away some pieces or sentimental towards others, but overall it’s an incredibly positive experience.

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