National Croissant Day / January 30, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Croissant Day?

National Croissant Day is a celebration of the French pastry that has become so popular in America. It’s celebrated on January 30th, but it actually originated in Canada. The origins are still up for debate! But we can all agree on one thing: croissants make everything better. Whether you’re eating them plain, with jam and butter, or using them to create an elaborate breakfast sandwich like these ones from Kitchen Treaty ( – there’s no denying that they’re delicious!

The first National Croissant Day was celebrated in 2011 by the Canadian “Croissanterie de Paris.” They’ve been running the tradition every year since, and it’s been slowly gaining popularity in America as well.

In honor of National Croissant Day, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes from Kitchen Treaty (link to the blog post below) that can easily be made at home! If you’re looking for some tasty breakfast ideas this weekend – any one of these will do the trick.

History Of National Croissant Day

The legend of how the croissant came to be goes something like this: in 1683, the Turkish Empire laid siege on the Central European city Vienna. Although they made several attempts and were ultimately unsuccessful at conquering it by force – so their ruler Sultan Abdul Hamid II sent out food trays instead! At first glance, these could have been any other pastry or bread item that was being offered for trade but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice what makes them different from anything else before then; a wrapping layer enclosing both dough layers together with butter placed between flaky pieces topped off nicely by sugar crystals forming crunchy edges where all are carved beautifully into shape using scoops designed specifically not only look good while doing it but also to be a source of inspiration for the next generation.

Croissants first appeared in Vienna as a symbol of peace, but it’s been more than 300 years and they’re still going strong! They’ve since become one of the most popular pastries worldwide due to their unique shape, crispy exterior, and flaky insides that are usually enjoyed with either jam, chocolate spreads, or eaten plain.

The bakers won praise for their vigilance and got a reward. They were honored in appreciation of the help they provided to defeat the Turks, who dwelling on these victories too long began plotting against each other before turning back towards Constantinople

The following passage is about how there was an award given out after some Turkish warriors had been defeated by people living near them: “For their amazing acts,” says historiographer George Sphrantzes describing what he has found from contemporary records via more than one source such as primary sources or secondary literature alike; this occurred during times when tensions rose higher than ever before because you have Christians versus Muslims trying not just defend themselves but also retake territory lost many years ago.”

National Croissant Day Activities

  1. Channel your inner Parisian chef

If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating a freshly baked croissant, then I envy your experience. The way they are made from scratch and just come out golden brown with flaky layers is nothing short of magical!

  1. Make your own croissant filling

There are so many ways to customize your croissant. If you’re looking for inspiration, here is a list of different fillings that will make any morning taste better! Whether it’s salty or sweet–or both!–this simple breakfast staple can be transformed into something extraordinary with just one more ingredient: ____ (fill in the blank).

  1. Take a croissant workshop

This pastry is all about the most fundamental of techniques- not using fancy ingredients. Sometimes, it’s best to go back and basics when you need a refresher in your kitchen skills so that everything comes together seamlessly without any unnecessary steps or added stress!


  1. They’re buttery

Croissants are a pastry that has been around since 16th century France. They’re typically made with layers of dough, yeast-risen before being buttered and finally baked on an oven until golden browned crusts form crisp edges as well as fluffy interiors rich from butter soaking into each layer’s crumb. The texture is so unique because there isn’t any gluten in this recipe giving rise to signature flaky qualities unlike anything else found within your local bakery or market!

  1. They’re the perfect breakfast pastry

With a flavor so rich and decadent, it’s no wonder there is such an appetite for these pastries in the mornings. The lightness of texture makes them perfect whether breakfast or any other time throughout your day when you need something sweet but don’t have much else on hand to tide through until lunchtime arrives!

  1. They’re a flaky, don’t-need-a-plate snack

When you need a delicious treat that’s both chewy and fluffy, there is no better choice than Soft-Lips. The flaky layers make it seem like your teeth are unwrapping an amazing present even when on the go!


This is a blog post on National Croissant Day. It’s about how people are starting to get together and celebrate this holiday more than ever before because they’ve been so busy trying to discover new recipes, learn different techniques for making them, as well as gain access to all sorts of cooking classes that will help them to get more out of what they’re doing. This is the perfect day to celebrate such an occasion because it’s all about people who love food, cooking for their families and friends, as well as sharing that information with others around them!

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