National DJ Day – January 20, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National DJ Day: National DJ Day is a day that celebrates the art of disc jockey and has been celebrated on January 20th since 2007. Disc jockeys have been around for decades, but in recent years they have become more popular than ever before. In this article, we will explore National DJ Day, including its history, activities to celebrate it on this special day, and other interesting facts about these modern-day musicians!

History Of National DJ Day

The very first disc jockey was a live radio experiment. Long before there were records and cassettes, sixteen-year-old Ray Newby played some over the airwaves in California which kickstarted this new wave that spread across countries to virtually every continent on earth!

The first official DJ was a man named Charles “Tommy” Moore, who started playing music in the 1920s at Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel. While he played mostly jazz and popular songs of that time on his 78 rpm records, it is important to note these were not pre-recorded as they are today – he had to change them all manually.

Today, DJs are all over the place and there is a new generation of them that have taken on even more artistic styles than ever before. Some people may think they just play music at clubs or parties, but these days it’s so much more than this!

Albert James Freed, also known as Moondog on air was a pioneer of the early days in music history. He started his career at age 13 and worked with many famous musicians such as Duke Ellington before passing away from lung cancer at 37 years old

A DJ who goes by one name is an unusual occurrence but it doesn’t make their impact any less significant! I would say they are even more influential because you can hear someone’s voice through sound waves, not text messages or videos anymore-It’s all about what people convey emotions through these days so having them speak directly into our ears has never been more important.

Activities To Celebrate National DJ Day

Celebrating this day is pretty simple! There are not too many activities involved besides just enjoying the art of a disc jockey in action. Whether you go out to a club, an event at your school or college, or even have friends over for party-Enjoying music with others will be the best way to celebrate this awesome holiday!

A fun idea that you can try at home is to pretend like your favorite DJ was coming over for a house party. You could even create some cool-looking invitations and make it seem not-so-fake! The biggest thing, however, would be decorating your space with all sorts of music-related items that would make it look like their own studio!

You could also take the time to play some of your favorite songs using an old-fashioned record player or even on a new, digital device. You can go all out and create playlists for each song or just choose one at random if you want to keep things interesting!


1. Inside a glacier

Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival was hosted in 2015 at a temporary club built on top of an active glacier. This wasn’t your average club, however; it was the first one ever built inside a glacier.

If you’re looking for something more tropical, you can always head to an island in Mexico or the Caribbean. The Great Northern club on Ibiza Island is world-famous for its unique location and spectacular views.

Another unique spot you can visit is a caving club in Croatia called The Grotto, which was first developed as a nightclub for local DJs. The cave’s main room has hosted some of the best DJs around, including Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin!

2. In a treehouse

The Tree House Club is a Kenyan-based not-for-profit organization that provides safe housing and education to vulnerable Kenyans. With over 1,000 people living in Nairobi alone who are unable or unwilling to access other forms of public shelter due to lack of means; The Treehouse offers them the opportunity at least temporarily from homelessness with its networked shelters made out of plastic sheets netting stitched together creating rooms on site as well providing essential services such as water filtration stations three meals every day medical care through outreach mental health programs hygiene awareness workshops fire safety talks gender-based violence prevention initiatives combat environment risks like pests instead incorporate environmentally friendly strategies using solar energy.

3. On a Serbian river

The Klub 20/44 is a floating club on the Danube River. It’s rickety and has to be tethered with rope, but it also offers an appealing sense of adventure for those who enjoy being out on their own in this way!

4.0In a cave on a Spanish island

The Santa cave in Ibiza is more than 80-feet deep, and it still has a pirate lair from five centuries ago. In the 1980s people started to turn away from pirates as they became less popular but now some want their old ways back!

5. Under in the Pacific Ocean

The Maldives’ Subsix restaurant is a modern jewel, with its sleek black exterior and glass windows giving guests an underwater view of the coral reef. The club-level tables are set over water that reaches nearly 20 feet deep into this scuba diving mecca – you can enjoy cocktails while taking in all there is to see!


1. They wake us up in the morning

The morning commute can be a drag, especially in the dead of winter. I know that feeling all too well because my car never wants to start when it gets cold out!

Music has a way of soothing the soul and helping us get through our daily grind. Some people even say that music is part of their daily routine, especially if they’re driving every day on their way to work.

2. They get us dancing

No wedding, bar, or bat mitzvah party is complete without a DJ making sure our guests are having fun.

Tune in to the world of your favorite local DJ, and you’ll get all sorts of great music.

3. Music is important in every culture

Music has been a part of our DNA since the beginning. Indigenous Australian tribes used clapsticks to create music, while ancient Persians would pluck strings on their instruments and blow into one’s mouthpiece- both techniques are still in use today!


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