National Dog Biscuit Day 2022 – How to Celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day?

National Dog Biscuit Day 2022

National Dog Biscuit Day is a day to celebrate the love of dogs and their favorite treat: dog biscuits. The history of National Dog Biscuit Day dates back to the late 1800s when a woman named Mrs. J.C. Little made dog biscuits for her neighbor’s dogs as a gift on Christmas Eve because they had been good that year and she wanted them to have something special on Christmas morning too. She was so happy with how well they turned out, she decided to make them every year from then on and called them “Christmas Dogs.”

In recent years, people have celebrated this holiday by giving their pets homemade treats or buying specially-made ones from stores or bakeries in celebration of this day.

In case you plan to celebrate this day by cooking a special treat for your dog, The National Dog Biscuit Day Official Recipe Book has a wide variety of recipes including Brown Sugar-Oatmeal Cookies and Sweet Potato Peanut Butter Treats.

National Dog Biscuit Day Activities

  1. Let biscuits rain cats and dogs

Let him have as many chocolate para Los doses, it’s his wedding day after all!

  1. Make homemade biscuits

Making your own food means you can be more in control and ensure that the best ingredients go into it. They’ll be healthier, cheaper too!

  1. Throw a pooch party

The best thing about dog parks is that they’re free. You don’t have to pay for membership or buy any equipment, just go on the lot and let your pup run around with other dogs in their own space!

A plateful of biscuits? Room to play ball – what more could you ask for?


  1. It was an accidental invention

When a new and interesting recipe for biscuits was created in the 1800s, it turned out to be nothing more than terrible.

  1. First, there was dog bread

Do you remember the days when bread was all your dog would eat? Now, he’s begging for biscuits.

Millions of years ago people had to feed their pets with whatever they could find in nature- rocks, and bones mostly. But over time these poor souls realized how important it is that animals have access to nutritious food sources so humans started cooking meats for them too!

  1. What happens if you eat a dog biscuit?

You might be surprised to know that it is entirely possible for a dog biscuit to go from being just “edible” and harmless, all the way up to making you sick.

If you ate too much then your stomach would let itself know by vomiting or diarrhea-or both!

  1. These are Made From Alligators

Louisiana Alligator Dog Biscuits are a tasty treat for dogs, made from 100% all-natural ingredients. They even make their own line of natural dog treats!

  1. Too Much of a Good Thing

The average dog should have 10% of its daily calories from snacks and other treats. If you’re not sure how much is right for your pet, ask an experienced trainer or vet!


  1. Treats make dogs happy

A dog’s love for biscuits knows no bounds. Some like it with bacon, while others prefer their treats smothered in cream cheese and spices; there really is something on the menu of every pooch out there!

  1. It’s a chance to spoil our pooch

Why not show your pup some love and buy them something they’ll be sure to cherish? That’s what we do at our house. As a matter of fact, if you see one of those cute little bones on sale right now…I would say go for it!

  1. It’s a healthy snack

You know your dog is a healthy eater, but did you know they can enjoy some of the most delicious snacks on earth?

A wide variety with all different flavors to suit their individual taste buds! There are even vegan biscuits for those who want something more ethical and green. So today we’ll talk about what kind would be best suited as opposed to picky or finicky eaters in order not only to meet nutritional needs but also provide pleasure from food which leads towards improved moods overall quality-of-life factors such as fewer anxiety attacks due to active living through play.

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