National Dolphin Day

National Dolphin Day

You might not have known, but on the 14th of every other month (or February), there is a special day to celebrate dolphins. This makes it kind of like Valentine’s Day for dolphin lovers! The hope behind this tradition was that people would get together and create awareness about their welfare while also making sure we all do better work to share what little space is left available with these amazing creatures by cleaning up our oceans enough so they can live free from pollution too…

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Why Dolphin Day?

The Nation Dolphin Day is a chance to raise awareness for these fascinating creatures. They’re not only entertaining, but they also provide entertainment in their own right! On this day we can see how dolphin trainers work with them and create tricks out of nothing by using commands taught only through association training – it’s something else!!

The Captivity Of Dolphins has been around since at least 18th century Europe where people began capturing wild dolphins peacefully enough then selling or displaying them on stages across America until aquariums were invented which made living aquatic displays fashionable among humans worldwide again starting over 100 years ago.

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The dolphin is an intelligent, social animal that deserves to live in peace. To help them do so we have declared December 13th as International Dolphin Day! This day provides awareness about these beautiful creatures and their threats which include hunting by humans or pollution from boats – both of which can lead up to decreasing numbers species-wide if left unchecked.

Have you ever wondered why some people love dolphins while others hate them? The answer lies within the Cove Effect: when wild-caught populations are being studied there often will be a single dolphin that is captured multiple times and this skewed perception of the species as a whole will eventually ruin it for everyone – even those that didn’t have a hand in harming the dolphins.

How we can Celebrate or Observe Dolphin Day:

The dolphin is a majestic, intelligent animal. It’s not worth putting them through their pain just so we can watch it on TV or go underwater and talk to one! In fact, there are plenty of countries that don’t allow the captivity of dolphins for entertainment purposes- please check out these posts about what you know nothing else than #DolphinUNKnown

We should create an awareness to eradicate hunting for various purposes. Use this Hashtag #DolphinHunting so you can share your opinion on the same!

Interesting Facts About Dolphin Day:

The dolphin is a fish with the ability to preserve oxygen by slowing its heartbeat. The term “dolphin” originates from Greek and means “fish that lives in water having warm layers,” like many other cetaceans (the family including whales). They can withstand colder climates because of this fat layer under the skin which also helps them stay hydrated during dives for extended periods without coming up too often or taking easily broken bait off hooks!

Unlike many animals, dolphins can hear sound with their outer ear and it passes through a cavity filled by fat to the inner ear. The reason for this is because of two sinus pockets that separate them from being connected directly against your skull so you will be able to take advantage of underwater hearing as well!

Dolphins are known for their loud sounds, which can be heard even over a distance. They use these voices as means of communication and emit them at different frequencies to create whistles or clicks that will carry across water without being distorted by obstacles such as rocks on shoreline surfaces where other animals may not get through so easily due themselves having larger teeth than most marine life forms hence making dolphin cricket primarily echolocation based instead while also serving other purposes like mating rituals!

While it may not seem like much, the Bottlenose Dolphin’s whistle is their signature and they use this to identify themselves when talking with others. These dolphins keep track of all different sounds throughout life by having individual names for each one- just as humans do!

Bottlenose dolphins have a strong memory power in such a way that they can remember the respective whistle even after several years of non-communication. The species resides on the Amazon River and are believed to be shapeshifters, capable of having children with women 

Bottlenose dolphins’ ability to retain information is unparalleled by any other animal on Earth!

History of Dolphin Day:

The day was created to create awareness on the closure of Dolphinaria, where dolphins are exhibited. This institution has been home for many years and is also where we get our knowledge about these intelligent creatures that deserve so much better than being forced into a small pool all their life!

Dolphinariums are still functioning in the United States, despite efforts to stop them. This includes SeaWorld marine parks which have been criticized for their treatment of dolphins- including captures and abuse by trainers who use these animals as entertainment attractions rather than family members like many people believe they should be treated as!

The annual National Dolphin day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of healthy pets. This event in America has been declared as an unofficial holiday by some companies and organizations, including American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

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