Kick Off a Healthy New Year and Celebrate National Drinking Straw

National Drinking Straw: National Drinking Straw Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate the invention of drinking straws. The first patent for the drinking straw was issued on December 23, 1888, by Marvin Stone. On November 5th, 1988 President Ronald Reagan signed proclamation 3298 declaring National Drinking Straw Day. It’s celebrated every year on November 5th in honor of this great inventor who changed our lives so dramatically!

History Of National Drinking Straw Day

The origin and founder of this day remain unknown. This is because it’s not clear who invented the paper straw, but they were awarded a patent on January 3rd – which marks their creation as well.

Natural Drinking Straw Day is celebrated every year on November the fifth to celebrate this amazing invention. It’s time to take a break and appreciate straws, you could even use them for National Drink Straw Day!

Boiling hot coffee? Use a paper drinking straw! Chilled drink that needs stirring? Paper straw again. Fast food with a cup? Paper drinking straw.

The possibilities are endless! We should all take a moment on this day to celebrate the inventor of these amazing tools that helped make life so much easier, and healthier too!

Manufacturers have found ways to create plastic straws which can be recycled or disposed of in other eco-friendly methods. They are available in many colors and are strong enough to use over again.

Straws have always been a huge part of American culture, so it’s time we celebrate one of the most important days in its history! Use them for good this National Drinking Straw Day – perhaps even make your own creations at home? We would love to see what you come up with!

How Can We Observe National Drinking Straw Day:

  1. Straw all the way

If you want to be environmentally conscious on this day, use a straw for your drinks. It’s easy and won’t cost any extra!

  1. Don’t strew the straw

Our planet needs your help! Give up the plastic straw, and start using eco-friendly reusable ones. Get a poster that you can put in stores to promote awareness about how bad they are for our environment – or even host an event where people bring their own cups with them as part of Earth Day celebrations this year (April 22nd).

  1. Show Some Love

National Drinking Straw Day is just around the corner! Celebrate today by posting photos and videos of your favorite drinks using #NationalDrinkingStrawDay or #Drunkningstraldday on all social media pages.

Interesting Facts On National Drinking Straw Day: 

Here are some interesting straw facts for you to enjoy the day!

The Bombilla is a metallic device used by the Argentines. It was first invented as a sieve many years ago and has been utilized most recently in straws for hot liquids to prevent scalding of your mouth because they raise the temperature just enough without being too hot or cold that could lead you into discomfort from drinking something too quickly depending on how sensitive our taste buds may be at any given time while consuming alcohol with plastic tasting better than metal alternatives which makes sense when thinking about it logically since plastics have been created through various processes so there would probably not exist one type made only out wood pulp anymore anyways.

One of the most important innovations in straw history was the bendable plastic drinking straws. This invention came about by accident when a man named Marvin C Stone tried to make toothpicks out of paper instead what he created were actually straws! Today, people have used this innovation for all sorts of things including making life easier because it can fit through the hole in most lids.

Since their invention, plastic straws have become one of the leading causes of pollution around the world which is why many countries are now trying to ban them because they do not decompose naturally and cause major problems with rivers where fish may eat them mistaking them for food or something else that could be mistaken for food.

If they are not eaten, then the animals that do eat them can die because it causes internal injuries where their stomachs could puncture thus killing them quickly if severe enough which is something to consider especially for those who go out of town or on road trips with family members or loved ones either by themselves or even in a group setting since it may be hard to monitor what is being done in the back of a moving vehicle.

The drink-thru plastic straws are actually banned in many places around the world which makes sense because it could make lots of people sick if they do not come clean or sterilized properly where you can find out more about them by looking up “drink-thru straws” in any search engine online.


The syndrome is a condition that affects the body when you have been exposed to chemicals in plastic, which includes straws.

It causes irreversible damage and could even lead to death if not treated properly because it make cause people allergic reactions where they can’t breathe well or develop rashes on their skin causing itchiness all over especially after touching something like a desk or table or something else that may have come into contact with the chemicals in the plastic which are absorbed through your skin.

Do you know what is even more tragic? Straws don’t even work for everyone because they may not be able to drink properly from them or use them at all due to disabilities that include paralysis, arthritis, injuries, etc.

This particular fact was discovered when one man named Lawrence Rayburn who had suffered from polio at the age of six months old tried to drink his milk through a straw after realizing that he was not able to do it with ease. He felt very sad because nothing worked for him and even went out on his own by trying different types of containers, cups, etc which did not work out for him either.


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