National Earth Day

National Earth Day

The founder, Gaylord Nelson founded National Earth Day on April 22nd. This day was created to celebrate our beautiful planet and all it has done for us over years!

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Why Earth Day?

The founder of the Earth Day movement, Gaylord Nelson was an influential politician and environmentalist. He formed this event to create awareness amongst civilians regarding issues facing our world because humans inhabit it too much pressure from their actions.

Environmental issues have been a concern for many years. This is evident by the beginning of an effort to overcome pollution and prevent further damage done by this issue in the 1970s with Global Warming being one example, Industrial Pollution also had its worse impact on Earth’s climate change over time which leads eventually to concerns about our planet losing biodiversity due to too increased temperatures caused from human activity such as releasing chlorofluorocarbon molecules into Silicon Valley area during California oil spillage crisis.

How we can Celebrate or Observe National Earth Day:

We all need to take responsibility for our Earth and its environmental health. On #NationalEarthDay, post a photo of yourself planting or caring for an organic plant in your home along with the hashtags ‘#MyTreeMyEarth’ on Twitter! We can also celebrate this day by using green transportation methods such as biking instead of driving cars even when it’s cold outside–so please share these ideas if you have any insight into how we might make small changes that will add up over time so everyone has more opportunity learn about what goes down during each month National Earth Month.

Interesting Facts About Earth Day:

The Santa Barbara Well incident alerted the country against pollution. While drilling a well near California’s coastal area, it got busted suddenly and expelled oil into the sea which led to the death of 10000 aquatic living animals thus forming National Earth day.

The origin of Earth Day can be traced back to a suggestion by Nelson Rockefeller, who was instrumental in creating the National Parks Service. Even though he acknowledged this day as “National Environment Teach-in” in all his press conferences and appearances across America during that period – Denis Hayes used the name “Earth Days” for advertising purposes because it sounded better than what most Americans were already calling them at home: an event or movement rather than just one specific date on its own (i e., as we do now).

This year, Earth Day will be remembered as a day to celebrate the environment and our collective efforts for its protection. This date has been designated since 1971 raged American civil libertarians such as Barry Commoner who recognized that pollution is an incurable disease – it can only prosper preventively!

History of Earth Day:

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 due to the Santa Barbara Oil Well disaster that happened on December 6th, 1969. Almost 10 thousand sea creatures died as a result of this accident and so many more were injured; it is considered one of the most harmful industrial pollution events ever recorded by humans! To prevent further accidents like these from happening again – several environmental policies were regulated across America leading up until they created “Earth Day” (an initiative founded+ coordinated through Denis Hayes).

Earth Day has always been a time to take action and this year was no different. Cleaning up our planet is something we can all get behind, so on April 22nd, I went out for some recycling while also doing my part by using less electricity than normal during these harsh winter months!

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We should be proud of how far Earth day actions have come in just 25 years since they were first introduced way back when it became an international event back in the early 1990s with UN resolutions passed & millions being allocated towards environmental protection which helped lead to breakthroughs including successes like a passage through Congress funding programs aimed at overcoming issues faced today.

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd, 1970. It all started when Nelson and Bruce Anderson took action to promote environmental awareness after noticing how quickly our planet’s natural resources were being depleted, which led them into founding an organization called ” alarmed” (for short). They knew that if people didn’t start caring then there would be no way for any government or authority figure to centralize power over this issue; so they did what needs done-they raised alarms! The result? One of history’s most successful social movements–the modern-day global movement is known as EcoFellas.

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