National East Meets West Day

National East Meets West Day:

It is said that on the 25th of April in 1945, history was made when Allied forces from both East and West met at River Elbe. It’s a day we should all remember as it brought an end to World War II!

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Why National East Meets West Day?

The day holds one of the most important historical events to take place that turned an angry war into something more productive and less destructive. During World War II, which had been fuming for over six years at this point while also being desperately opposed by America’s finest ally: The Soviet Union; it finally seemed like there would be no victory anytime soon… until April 20th, 1945 came around! That’s when Adolf Hitler received his defeat right next door from Czechoslovakia – barely any distance distant from Berlin itself were both American forces under command…

On the morning of April 25th, a boat carrying American commando officers rowed towards an unknown destination in German-occupied territory. When they arrived at their target point and made contact with Soviet troops waiting there for them; it would change not only World War II but also how we fight wars today as well!

This one simple act of crossing over to shake the allies’ hand effectively cut half of the nazi forces in 2 weeks. It is important not only what we say, but also how well our body communicates with others through non-verbals such as posture and facial expressions

The Allied victory was declared after D Day when they successfully pushed back German soldiers from their territory leaving them occupation by Soviet Army which led the Soviets to end World War II on the European peninsula.

How can we observe National East Meets West Day:

  • Let this day be a symbol: We often forget the small things that add up to a big picture, which teaches nothing but ignorance. National East Meets West Day also is an opportunity for us all together as one human family and within our communities to showboat some trust by giving each other hope when things feel uncertain; we can have your back!
  • Visit War Museums: When you visit museums on this day, make sure to see exhibits that commemorate important moments in history like wars and world Wide War II. The International Museum of World War II is located at 10th Street between Massachusetts Ave., N commencement corner near the memorial wall for veterans who died fighting overseas; it houses over 60 million artifacts from every theater combatant involved with these conflicts – enabling visitors an immersive experience into understanding how we became who go today(/605).
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  • Educate yourself and the world around you: The events of World War II are still very much present in our society, even though it has been over seventy years since they happened. To honor this occasion and to show that we remember what transpired during these traumatic times for many people across Europe (and beyond), there is an opportunity for everyone who wants/needs representation- whether through social media posts or personal reminders like flags fly at half staffs while remembering those who died because freedom was finally able to be realized after so long darkness National East Meets West day is a reminder that we can all get along if we try, and it should be something to celebrate every year!

Interesting facts on National East Meets West Day:

These interesting facts may make you think about how life can change in an instant. The city of Tokyo was the target for a third atom bomb if necessary, but it never happened because America entered World War II on September 11th, 1945 with our allies soon after that attack occurred instead!

History of National East Meets West Day:

This day is commemorated to remember the event that took place on 25th April 1945. It was during World War II when an American Commander from the East went over to shake hands with a Soviet General across river Elba and thus started one of history’s most memorable meetings, which led ultimately into Berlin being captured by Soviets after they had been driven out earlier in February 1949 following another failed offensive against them two months ago-end!

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