National Eggs Benedict Day

National Eggs Benedict Day

The most delicious breakfast dish, Egg Benedict is famous on National Eggs day. It has two toasted English muffins topped with Canadian bacon or Ham and poached eggs served in a tangy Hollandaise sauce alongside potato wedges of fries eaten together while sipping some extra special hot hollandaise on the side!

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Why National Eggs Benedict Day?

This day is celebrated to cherish Eggs Benedict’s delicacy and observe the origin of such a lip-smacking dish.

A plateful of warm, moist egg benny with perfectly crispy bacon bits on top will make your taste buds happy as can be!

How can we celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day:

Can you believe it’s finally here? The day we’ve all been waiting for National Eggs Benedict Day! Now is as good a time to celebrate this iconic breakfast dish, especially since there are so many ways that anyone could eat their way through an entire plateful. If plain old egg benny isn’t really your thing but bacon or ham would be more suitable – no problemo because they offer vegetarian options too (and even some nonveggie ones). Whether it’s enjoying them on top o’ yogurt alongside toast points at home in front of Friends reruns while sipping piping hot coffee OR heading out to your favorite restaurant and indulging in a luxurious National Eggs Benedict Day feast, we’ve got you covered.

Eat your favorite breakfast foods at the local bagel shops today! You can start out with an Egg Benedict for yourself and then add on top of that some tasty extras like bacon or ham. For something different, try replacing those muffins with crispy bread such as Multigrain Bagels; they’re delicious when dipped in egg mixture too (don’t worry- it doesn’t get cooked).

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If you’re looking for some new ways to enjoy your breakfast favorite, look no further than the Egg Benedict. You can find this dish in various restaurants and on Instagram every day of #NationalEggBenedictDay! Whether it’s a traditional version or an altogether different flavor that takes them by surprise – gather friends at home so everyone gets their share (and then some). And don’t forget: take photos while doing all these things because we want memories worth posting online.

Interesting facts about National Eggs Benedict Day:

If you want to be creative, there are many ways that can help make your dish more interesting. For example, adding different ingredients such as curry or sauteeing certain vegetables before blending them into the hollandaise sauce so it has an extra flavor kick!

The dish is known to have originated in the 1800s, but who really invented it remains a mystery. There are many fraud Benedicts who claim they were responsible for this great idea before unsuccessfully trying their hand at claiming other famous inventions like pizza and steaks too!

History of National Eggs Benedict Day:

The dish we call the Egg Benedict has a long and fascinating history. It is said that it originated in England, but many different myths surrounding this tasty breakfast choice have been told throughout time as well!

First theory

When Lemuel Benedict visited the Waldorf Hotel, he ordered some breakfast Food that is now famous all over New York. The first thing on his list was poached eggs served with toast topped off in butter and crisp bacon drizzled by Hollandaise sauce side-by-sit-down meal for good measure!

The dish was introduced with some changes like the use of muffins in place of toast and bacon. The customer was very satisfied, so they decided to include this new recipe on their menu!

Second theory

Eggs Benedict Day is a day of celebration for those who love the dish made up using eggs. It’s said that Pope Benedict XII greatly enjoyed this meal, and he requested it almost on regular basis; so now you can enjoy your favorite breakfast at home with pride knowing how much flavor goes into every bite!

This theory claims that Pope Benedict XIII got sick and his desire for eggs made him weaker. So after he became weak, they named the dish “Eggs Benedict” in honor of both popes since it’s so delicious when eaten by them!

Third theory

When Edward P. Montgomery wrote a letter to New Your Times magazine in 1967, he talked about the real founder of Egg Benedict – Commodore E.C Benedict and his note containing recipe passed on through mother acquaintance with him which became famous chef’s masterful work when Montogomery published an article entitled “The Dish That Made America Famous”

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