National Ellis Island Family History Day

National Ellis Island Family History Day:

For many Americans, this day is a crucial time to research their ancestors and find out more about who they are. What better way than through Ellis Island?

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Why National Ellis Island Family History Day?

This year marks the centennial since Ellis Island opened its doors to millions of immigrants. The station has been a popular destination for over 60 years and will continue to be so in future centuries because it played an important role during this period when Americans were beginning their journey as global citizens.

The story behind how we got here is fascinating: carved out by rivers or small streams between New York City’s bridges (the Brooklyn Bridge is one) sits what looks like any other brownstone square-maybe even yours! But if you stop long enough and take note of all those scrubby trees swaying gently back+forth in the breeze, you’ll start to sense that something’s special about this spot.

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This day is dedicated to the accomplishments and sacrifices done by people who have come over here for their family members, friends, or themselves. It’s also a chance to commemorate all that they’ve gone through on this journey so far just because it might be hard sometimes but we should never take away what makes America great: diversity!

When immigrants arrive at Ellis Island, they are faced with difficult and confusing questions from officials. This visit may be the start of a hopeful future for some but it’s also an opportunity missed by others who have been excluded from entering America because their paperwork was not in order or there were other reasons based on discretion alone – this includes criminals seeking asylum as well!

The Ellis Island Immigration Station was a busy place on this day, as it offered electronic access to its data for the first time. Millions of families were able to follow their predecessors’ paths in ways they would never have been capable accomplish previously – all thanks to some clever technology and innovative minds from decades ago!

How Can we celebrate National Ellis Island Family History Day:

Find out more about the history of your family and where they came from. Research what motivated people to come before you, whether it was economic or social reasons – but also find stories that motivate others within these generations as well!

 siblings celebrate with their parents on this special day; ancestors would be proud too if they could see how much love there still is around here today…

You can also use social media to show the significance of your day. Posting pictures, sharing fun facts with hashtags like #eliisislandfamilyhistoryday, etc will make it more interesting for other people!

Interesting Fact about National Ellis Island Family History Day:

This day in 1907, little over 12 thousand people passed via Ellis Island. Over 1 million immigrants were processed at this facility throughout the whole year of1907! On April 17th, 2001 an inaugural National Family History Day was commemorated with festivities taking place to celebrate all things related to genealogy and immigration history – it’s now called “EllisIslandFHD.”

When people migrate to New York, the island would not be their first location. On Ellis Island, in particular, immigrants’ identities were originally left unchanged despite changes happening around them- becoming known primarily for deportations rather than immigration because it was so far from mainland America at this point and there weren’t many places where you could legally enter without papers or identification.

History of National Island Family History Day:

When the Ellis Island processing center opened on April 17th, 1892 to serve incoming immigrants from Germany and Scandinavia it became a symbol of hope for those seeking freedom in America. The island’s date with destiny came four years later when more people were assessed than ever before – over 11 thousand seven hundred forty- Seven fifty-eight!

The Immigration Act of 1917 was passed through both houses of Congress within one week. 6000 Inspectors were sent to Ellis Island, New York the next day and its decommissioning date is October 28th, 1954 when all processing stopped at this borders Inspection Station

The people who had come into America before then would have been amazed by what they saw on arriving back home after traveling across oceans – there are now more than barbaric changes having taken place since then!

When the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization obtained funding for $160 million construction in 1984, they started what is considered to be one of America’s greatest rehabilitation projects ever done. The entire structure had shut down 12 years earlier due to it being surplus government estate but after resurfacing from 1976 up until then only hour-long group tours were given at Ellis Island with limited hours and none available on weekends or holidays which created an inconvenience among visitors wanting more time interaction while also learning about its history.

The Us Immigration Wall of Honor is a stunning example for nations around the world to see. Visitors come from all walks of life, bearing messages honoring their loved ones who have died or gone missing while applying for visas at one time or another during an immigration process that can feel like waiting indefinitely in line without any idea when you will get called forward.”

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