National Equal Pay Day

National Equal Pay Day

This year, the National Equal Pay Day is coming up in April. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about discrepancies between men and women when it comes payment – either by salary or other forms such as commissioning work done without being compensated at all for their time spent on a project!

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Why National Equal Pay Day?

This day is a representation of how far women have come in the workforce, but also shows that there’s still work left to be done. It makes me proud when I see people stand together for something important like equality and justice!

The 20th century saw a battle between the sexes, with women fighting for equal rights. They demanded that they be given an opportunity to work in peace and without discrimination; also demanding improved wages upon their hiring or employment as well as respect from employers who were previously willing only on paper (but never actually) treat them fairly at all times during any job application process whatsoever!

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Women have been fighting for equal pay since the beginning of time, but it is still an uphill battle. Women make up more than half our population and yet we’re often left out in favor or overlooked altogether when salary negotiations come around – even if they do the same jobs as men! As educators who understand how important education can be (and isn’t), you may find yourself wondering why these gaps exist at all? Why don’t employers see value in having two genders with such diverse skill sets? The answer lies within society’s mindset towards gender roles: while some traditions die hard others will change only so much before returning back to their roots. It is 2017, and National Equal Pay Day should not exist because the wage gap between genders should have been closed long ago.

The holiday season is an ideal opportunity for people of all walks to come together and support equality in matters concerning the payment. This has been long overdue, but now it’s finally here!

How we can observe the National Equal Pay Day:

Observation is an important part of any culture, particularly so for those who want to celebrate their uniqueness. There are many ways we can observe this special day including: 

– Keeping a journal or recording what you think about on paper at different points during the day (both pastimes which allow us time away from technology) – Listening closely without judgment when friends share stories around the dinner table; it may help someone else discover parts unknown inside themselves too!

Post on social media

This February 28, join the social media movement and post about equal pay on your favorite networks! This day is a chance for everyone to show off how much they deserve their paycheck. Whether you’re sharing content via Facebook or Twitter—or even just filling up Instagram with posts related @Equality – make sure that any reference materials (images) are linked back so others can easily find them too

Rooting out outdated beliefs is essential when we want this issue solved quickly because there are still people who don’t believe women should get paid as much…

Organize a peaceful demonstration

On this day, we can organize a peaceful demonstration targeted at opening the eyes of organizational management and employers in general towards needing equal payments for work. The demo could take place either inside or outside with no damage to property but only if there is no bloodshed during it- so far as possible avoid violence!

Print shirts, posters, and banners

Women have been fighting for equal pay since the beginning of time, and it’s about damn time that men got on board! You can show your support by purchasing shirts with prints designed specifically to draw attention to this issue.

Interesting facts about National Equal Pay Day:

Wal-Mart was honored with a key role in the fight for pay equity on November 19, 2012. The National Council of Women’s Earmarks awarded them for their work combating sex-based discrimination and promoting equal opportunities at all levels within company policy – from management down through assistant buyer positions! This is one example of how small changes can make such an impactful difference which keeps happening time after again as we celebrate these achievements while looking forward towards future goals yet still continue fighting those uphill battles headstrong because there’s always more left to do than ever before. National Equal Payday should not exist because the wage gap between genders should have been closed long ago.

The National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) had a bold and monumental act that marked the day they joined forces with other organizations to hold an event at Capitol Hill. This press conference was headed by CLUW in support of Lilly Ledbetter FairPay Act which allows women equal pay for work done outside any kitchen or workplace setting.”

History of National Equal Pay Day:

This day is a result of the work done by many people in 1996. The National Committee on Pay Equity was among those who demonstrated and raised awareness for payment inequities between men and women, eventually leading up to this amazing event that we know today!

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