National Fig Newton Day – January 16, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Fig Newton Day is a holiday that celebrates the fig and nutmeg pastry, the Fig Newton. It was first celebrated on January 16th, 1922. Originally it was called National Nut Bread Day and then in 1930 became The National Fig Loaf Day before finally being coined as National Fig Newton day in 1984. This blog post will discuss where this delicious cookie came from, what it’s made of (figs and nuts), how to make them at home, various recipes for making them at home, where you can buy them locally around your town or online if you want to have some shipped directly to your house!

History Of National Fig Newton Day

The National Day Calendar crew is on the case! This figurative food holiday has been around for quite some time now and we still don’t know its true origins. But when you need a break from all those jam-packed days of work, it’s nice knowing that there are plenty more weekends in which to explore new recipes or just enjoy your mom’s cooking with family members who live far away as well- thanksgiving being one perfect example of how holidays can bring people closer through time spent together over good food (and maybe even retelling tall tales).

What Is A Fig Newton?

A fig newton is a pastry made from dried fruit, typically fig. It was also known as the National Nut Bread Day in 1922 and then became The National Fig Loaf Day before finally being coined as National Fig Newton day in 1984. To make this delicious treat, you will need flour, sugar, cinnamon, or nutmeg (if you want to add some spice), cold water, salt, shortening, and figs.

Fig Newtons Recipe- How To Make Fig Newtons At Home

One way that many people love to celebrate National Fig Newton Day is by baking up a batch of these delicious cookies at home. Here’s what you’ll need to do that:

– Add one cup of flour, sugar, salt into a bowl. Keep the remaining two cups nearby for later use.

– Cut three tablespoons shortening and blend it with the dry ingredients until crumbly.

– Slowly add cold water while stirring constantly until dough forms together in ball shape without being overly sticky dough dry by adding only enough water to make it crumbly.

– Add in some cold shortening until mixture resembles coarse meal or cornmeal.

– Roll dough into small balls, then flatten out each ball with your hands and place one dried fig on top of the flattened dough. 

National Fig Newton Day Activities

1. Make your fig rolls

You’ve had store-bought Fig Newtons, but why not try making your own? They are fairly simple to make and you can find many recipes all over the internet.

2. Make a Fig Newton cake or pie!

Fig Newtons and cake: the perfect pairing. Fig cakes are a delicious treat made with an extra ingredient to make it more interesting, in this case, figs! Try out these recipes for some creative creations like pecan pie spice Fig Newton bars or even chocolate chip cookie dough coconut cream cheese pound cake (just imagine vanilla frosting).

3. Eat up!

It’s time to enjoy these delectable sweets! You made or bought them, which is equally as okay and delicious.


1. They’re a classic

We can’t help but feel nostalgic when we eat a figgy cookie. These delicious and long-lasting cookies have been around since before our time, which gives us the chance to enjoy them without worrying about what’s new on social media or how many likes something has gotten online!

2. We like to think we’re being healthy

Fig Newtons are a delicious cookie that is made with not only figs but also dates. They’re called “healthy cookies, right? Well, it turns out there are some things you might be surprised to learn about these popular snacks! Fig newton has been around since the late 1800s when someone added dried fruit into his creation to prepare appetizingly for travelers who were on their way back home from work or school at night.”

3. They go great with coffee and tea

Fig Newtons are always a delicious treat, but if you’ve never had one with your morning cup of joe or tea-time brew then it’s time to fix that.

The Fig Newton is nothing without its trademark sweetness coupled together with an unexpected dash of spice from the licorice stick inside each segment!


Do you ever feel like your mouth is getting tired when eating a fig newton? This might be because of the licorice inside each piece, which is causing you to salivate more than usual! Saliva helps break down food in our mouths and speeds up digestion. Having too much saliva can cause the feeling of fatigue in our mouths. Figs are also great for flushing out toxins and can help prevent cancer!

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