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The first Tuesday in May is a day to celebrate the accomplishments and dedication of those who have been involved with foster care. It’s also an opportunity for people across America (and around the world) to stop what they’re doing, and take some time out from their busy lives so that you can honor them by Thankful Sending Your Thoughts Their Way Day! National Foster Care Day.

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Why Foster Care Day?

The foster care system in America provides a temporary solution for homeless children until they find their forever home. As reported by the National Foster Care Day Committee, there are over 671 thousand people across our country counting on this program with 112 thousand who are ready to be adopted!

This day is an opportunity for Foster Parents to reflect on their responsibility, both in providing a healthy home environment and addressing any concerns that arise.

One recent survey revealed 33% of children were sexually or physically/mentally abused by their foster parents these cases deserve immediate attention so we must be all aware!

How we can Celebrate or Observe National Foster Care Day:

This is not just a request. This action requires that you either go for adoption or find someone who will make their life peaceful from now on! Please promote this day by using our hashtag #DoAdopt on social media so we can all work together to help these precious animals in need find homes soon™

We are all equal in the eyes of God, so why not show him how much you care? Post a picture with your child and use the hashtag #MyChildren on Twitter. Showing gratitude for those who take care of or own homeless kids as their own will be an act worthy enough that they deserve honor! Today is Foster Care Daywear blue to show them support because every little bit counts when it comes down to deciding which foster family has done most tirelessly than any other during these trying times.

Interesting Facts About Foster Care Day:

Foster care is a vital system that protects children fromBeing hurt or worse yet, abandoned. statistics show two lakhs new kids begin their lives in foster care each year with almost half unable to finish school because they get adopted into loving homes third female teens become pregnant at 18 years old while being nursery raised by taxpayers. There are roughly four lakh roadless homeless youth served through this wonderful program called “Foster”.

There are many reasons why children exit from foster care. Some leave because they’re able to live with their families again, while others need more time for rehabilitation or simply want someone who understands them better than anyone else does at this point in life–even if it means being a part of an outside world that doesn’t understand what’s going on inside these teens’ heads

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Foster Care children have a higher probability of committing suicide than general ones. They’re also more likely to be suffering from poverty, homelessness, and being adopted cross-culturally – all factors which contribute heavily toward the mortality rate being higher among this group as well! In addition, they may suffer from eating disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder due in part to their unstable lives before coming into care; these medical/psychiatric conditions alone can’t explain why however since there’s research showing that physical abuse was rated among “foster” cases are more significant.

History of Foster Care Day:

Ticket to Dream is a foundation that helps foster kids along with Project Blue an organization that works tirelessly towards changing the current statistics for the betterment of their cause. This day is dedicated in honor and observance as it has been carried out every year since 2017- now known internationally among many organizations whose missions include protecting vulnerable children everywhere!

Ticket to Dream, a foundation that helps foster kids along with Project Blue, an Organization founded this day to create more awareness for the betterment of children who are currently living as outsiders. The annual event has been observed since 2017 and is dedicated entirely to recognizing those individuals who provide love while sacrificing themselves so others may thrive.


National Foster Care Day is observed annually on May 16. Observations are held locally to honor foster care parents, foster children, and adoption professionals for their contributions toward protecting vulnerable children. National Foster Care Month was first proposed by President Bill Clinton in 1995 as a means of providing greater attention to the need for community support for foster families.

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