National Freedom Day / February 1, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Freedom Day?

National Freedom Day is a national holiday in the United States of America. It was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson to commemorate the signing of legislation guaranteeing voting rights for all Americans regardless of race, color, or creed. The day is celebrated on February 1 and includes speeches and celebrations across the nation with various organizations hosting events.

History Of National Freedom Day

Richard Robert Wright, a former slave and community leader in Illinois created National Freedom Day. He believed that we should be celebrating this day because it’s the same as Confederate Memorial Day which celebrates those who died for their state’s right to secede from America during slavery times-so why not just call them all Confederates now!

I know I will never forget my mother always telling us kids she was fighting for freedom when you saw black men being hanged on trees like they were nothing more than food before finally giving up hope against all odds but there wasn’t much else left so she fought for freedom.

She was a warrior for freedom and that day is National Freedom Day in her honor because she didn’t live to see it but I know one thing-she would have been so proud of what they did to make sure all Americans are free no matter the color, race or creed!


  1. Share the freedoms you most appreciate on social media 

What do you think of as the most important freedom? Is it being able to choose your friends and family freely, or would a more fundamental right be living in peace with those around us?

We can’t live without these things so let’s celebrate how far we’ve come by checking off what freedoms really mean for YOU!

  1. Dive into a Civil War history or a biography

The Civil War was a time of great sadness and turmoil for America, as well as the entire world. One could not only see it impacting those directly involved in a battle or whose family members were enlisted servicemen but anyone with any interest at all got sucked into this whirlwind – even if unintentionally so! This is why I recommend picking up books like “The Refugees: A Story Of The Union” by Kenneth M md=[email protected], which provide insight on how war impacts people that aren’t considered soldiers; another good one would be Bruce Cizauski’s masterpiece “Emancipation.”

  1. Start a discussion group

Put together a casual gathering to find out what freedom means when you’re not used to it. You might be surprised at how many people have their own definition of “free.”


  1. It keeps us rooted in what matters

Major Richard Robert Wright, Sr. A former slave who lobbied Congress to designate a day where all Americans would be free on that very same holiday (Memorial Day).

Maintaining traditions is important for preserving one’s culture and heritage; Major Wrights’ vision became reality this year as we celebrate Memorial Day!

  1. It marks the first day of Black History Month

It’s time to celebrate our freedom

The perfect way for this month is a morning filled with gratitude and love. We can start off by acknowledging all the things African Americans have done in order to make America great, like inventing email or becoming doctors at some point – it might not be too surprising but they did! And then there were also those who fought against racial discrimination so that today we are able to get where ever without fear based on race; these people deserve recognition as well because their struggles paved both paths towards progress while still managing obstacles along every step of what could’ve been an otherwise bleak journey had it only been for them.

  1. It’s a day of appreciation

The National Freedom Day was established with the hopes of promoting goodwill, fairness, and equality. It is a celebration that encourages Americans from all walks of life – regardless if you’re black or white; rich or poor; male or female–to come together as one cohesive unit in honor of those who sacrificed their lives fighting for freedom on November 28th each year since 1776!

Lest we forget these brave souls whose fight led us towards democracy so many years ago.”


In February, on the first Monday of this month, there is a holiday that’s dedicated to celebrating and remembering all the beautiful things we were given in this world, National Freedom Day.

We should take time to thank God for everything he has done because no matter what we do or say it is impossible without Him; so be grateful every day!


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