National Freedom of Information Day

National Freedom of Information Day

This is a day to exercise our rights as citizens of the world. We can see what information we’re not allowed to know. On National Freedom Of Information Day, 16th March 2018, UNESCO said that everyone deserves access to information about whether they are rich or poor. Let’s make sure all our individual freedoms can be exercised without fear!
This was a great opportunity for us because it made sure one issue throughout a society doesn’t go unnoticed: the need for transparency in government institutions across nations around the world when it comes to weighing individuals’ basic Human Rights.

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Why National Freedom of Information Day?

Freedom of information is important so that the public knows what their government is doing. This includes decisions we make, research findings, and surveillance of people’s private lives. It also includes getting information from agencies through a request process unless it is illegal to release that type of information.

The right to information is a key part of any democracy. It helps people fight for their freedom. James Madison, the author of the United States Bill Of Rights, passed this legislation after he suffered through years of being kept in the dark. He didn’t have any say in what happened because he wasn’t elected, but was appointed by someone else.

Freedom of information is an important right that celebrates the idea of giving power and transparency to people. It makes everything more democratic, as every person has an equal role in governing our nation. This means that all votes must count equally (even those who don’t usually bother voting). The same fact applies to freedom-of Information too–every citizen deserves to know each detail about how their government operates so they can make better decisions when supporting laws or donating funds. National Freedom of Information Day is the perfect opportunity to reflect on these things and work together to make sure everyone has access to the information they need.

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How Can We Observe National Freedom Of Information Day:

  • National freedom day is a special day to get more power and to stay informed. You can start by learning about what is happening in your area. This includes the latest news about politics and the government. The government is doing things that help you or that hurt you.
  • When you know something that someone else doesn’t, it is your responsibility to share that information with the world. It will benefit not only yourself but also others who might need what we have learned!
  • Social media is a powerful tool that can be used for good or bad. The age of information has empowered the masses, but with it comes danger in forms like fake news spread through social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It can be hard to know what’s true unless you research it yourself. To avoid getting caught up by these schemes, do some research before sharing anything online. Reputed sources are always better than unknown ones because they’ve been vetted by others already.

Interesting Facts On National Freedom Of Information Day:

People are asking for information more and more each day. However, some countries have strict laws about information and these laws make it hard for people to get information. In these countries, you need to have an ID or certification from someone with credibility before you can ask questions about yourself online. The reason we require these certifications is that people want privacy and also to make sure that nobody else gets their hands on your personal information like your address, which could be dangerous if done maliciously!

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that allows citizens and lawyers to request information from federal agencies. There are 100 federal agencies that are covered by this law, and each one has many offices that deal specifically with FOIA requests. This can make it difficult to get the information you want, but it is an important law that helps keep our government transparent.

History Of National Freedom Of Information Day:

There is no clear information on when this day has been celebrated from. However, it seems to be in honor of James Madison’s birthday – the fourth President of the US who was born on March 16th, 1751. He was honored as “the Father” for drafting our country’s constitution which promoted democracy with the Bill of Rights protections against unfair government abuse!

This day is known as the day we celebrate freedom and transparency in our government. The Freedom of Information Act was passed on July 4th, 1966 and it helped make sure our government was more open and transparent. It also helped protect individual rights.

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