NATIONAL FRENCH DIP DAY – November 12 2022

NATIONAL FRENCH DIP DAY: National French Dip Day is a day to celebrate the delicious sandwich. It seems like every year, more and more people are celebrating this holiday in their unique way. Some opt for the traditional style of dipping the sandwich in Au Jus sauce while others prefer to put it on top of macaroni and cheese or even deep fry it!

Whatever your preference may be, National French Dip Day would not be complete without enjoying one or two (or three) sandwiches with all of your friends and family. So how do you plan to celebrate?

About National French Dip Day

The origins of this day are unknown. However, there is a long-standing rumor that it was created by the owner of Philippe The Original restaurant in Los Angeles California to celebrate their iconic French Dip sandwich.

National French Dip Day’s popularity has been increasing every year since its inception and people all over social media have started to take part in celebrating National French Dip Day.

National French Dip Day-Date is November 12

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History Of National French Dip Day

“The sandwich was invented in Los Angeles, California, by the founder of Philippe’s restaurant. Louis E. “Louey” Lucas purchased a small café on December 12, 1918, and christened it “Philippe’s” after its original owner and operator Philippe Mathieu who created the French Dip Sandwich in Los Angeles.

The date of November 28, is one among several claims to the founding of Philippe’s restaurant and was chosen for National French Dip Day by its current owner Frank Klein in 2003.”

“People who celebrate this holiday may be placing their sandwiches into a bowl with au jus sauce rather than dipping it through.

How To Celebrate National French Dip Day?

If you are interested in celebrating National French Dip Day, research what the traditional method is and how it’s done.

You can also come up with your unique way or tradition to celebrate this holiday! For example: have a lunch date at Philippe The Original restaurant, make homemade Au Jus sauce from scratch, try out an oven-baked french dip sandwich, deep fry your french dip sandwich, and much more!

Check out this list of other national food holidays: National Ice Cream Day (July 15th), World Nutella Day (February 05th), and National Coffee Ice Cream Day (January 29th)!”

National French Dip Day Syndrome

“National French Dip Day Syndrome (NFDD) is a phrase coined by the media to describe an apparent increase in cases of gastrointestinal illness observed on November 12th, 2021. The syndrome has even been attributed as the cause for increased traffic at emergency rooms and doctor’s offices across North America.”


This article discusses how you can celebrate National French Dip Day (November 12th, 2021). It walks through the history of this holiday and gives some ideas on how to plan your celebration.

About National French Dip Day Syndrome: The media coined it as an increase in gastrointestinal illness observed annually on November 12th. This is possibly due to increased demand for hospital services.

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