National Deep Fried Clams Day 2022

National Deep Fried Clams Day is a great day to celebrate. It’s the perfect time for deep-fried clams, clam chowder, and other dishes made with this tasty seafood favorite! If you’re not sure what to make or where to find these delicacies in your area, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our top 10 places that should be on your radar:

History Of National Deep Fried Clams Day

Fried clams are an exception, with a documented back story validating when freshly dug New England clam was first battered and deep-fried in a sleepy little coastal town. It’s rare to know exactly who created or invented anything because everyone stakes their claim as the original inventor of something that’s been done before; thankfully this hasn’t happened for fried clams which can be traced back to 18th century Massachusetts Bay Colony where they were enjoyed by locals long before any other state got its hands on them!

Deep frying clams was a serendipitous brainchild of Lawrence Henry “Chubby” Woodman and his wife, Bessie. They first created these snacks back in 1954 when they were both very hungry after going on vacation with friends from their hometowns – namely Jersey City for him or Atlantic City as it is now known due to its proximity at one point during colonial times before becoming part Pennsylvania Dutch country- people who would otherwise only live there but have no ties other than being born somewhere else also called “Dutch.” 

Tarr had just cast his line into the water when he was joined by Chubby, who happened to be walking past on this day. After chatting about fishing trips gone by and how hard it is now for people like them because of all these new rules that keep coming up like no more smoking or drinking beer while you’re out there – they decide to share some of Bessie’s delicious homemade potato chips would make things seem better between them again; peace in their community restored!

Chubby and Bessie reasoned that if fried clams tasted good, then people may have a way to increase the demand for shucked clam baskets. This would make them more competitive in this market segment since they are currently being outcompeted by other restaurants who use these techniques as well

The two friends came up with an idea – fry some of our fresh catch before serving it so its irresistible sweet flavor shines through!

The day after introducing fried clams to the people of Essex, Chubby and Bessie were at their booth again. This time it was during the town’s annual Fourth of July parade where they proudly introduced these delicious treats for all those who could never get enough seafood!


1. Visit the birthplace of fried clams

The New England coast is home to an old tradition of eating delicious fried clams that can only be found in this region. While you’ll find dozens upon dozen restaurants serving up these mouthwatering treats, it’s worth your while heading out on the road if there are no other choices nearby because they’re sure not going anywhere anytime soon!

2. Tell jokes to be happy as a clam

National Clam Day is an excellent time to enjoy some fried clams with your dad. You can talk about how they are related to the inner ear, or you could play a game of show-and-tell by showing him one of those bivalve creatures in its natural habitat–inside his brain!

3. Dine on a basket of deep-fried clams

You will never know what you have been missing until fried clams are in front of your face.



With all of the different species of clams in this world, you will be able to find a type that tastes just right for your taste buds.

2. A soft-shell clam by any other name is still a clam for frying

Softshell clams, those deep-fried delights that are usually served as an appetizer at your favorite seafood shack.

3. Mollusks or shellfish?

Softshell clams are members of the mollusk family, which includes animals without a backbone. They can be found in both saltwater and freshwater environments but are most well-known for their bivalve shells that open into two parts when they eat or contract to protect themselves from predators with one part closed over its’ opening so only air passes through it at rest times.

Clams have been around since before recorded history making them among some oldest creatures on Earth!

4. Clams are a healthy food

Softshell clams are members of the mollusk family, which includes animals without a backbone. Soft-shelled organisms like these can be found in marine environments around North America and parts farther north than most other invertebrates because their protection from predators allows them to thrive there better than many others would be able to.

Softshell clams represent an exception to that rule; they’re not only abundant but also quite diverse!

5. Home, sweet coastal home

Softshell clams are found along the east coast of North America, from northern Canada to Cape Hatteras. They can be found in saltwater or brackish estuaries and mudflats as well as bays that have freshwater streams flowing into them such as those on Narragansett Bay of Rhode Island where they’re harvested commercially for their meat which tastes something like bacon!


1. The classic American success story

The Woodman sisters, Chubby and Bessie came from humble beginnings. They were born into poverty in 1912 to two Coal-miner parents who had little education themselves; however, they worked hard for their family by selling newspapers on the street during rush hour while other kids hissed at them or threw rocks at their heads because there was no school that day.

The rags-to-riches American success story is known as “the woody twins” starts here!

2. All in the Family

Woodman’s BBQ has been a family business for five generations. The original Woodman cooked over an open fire and passed down the recipe to his son who opened up shop on this very spot one hundred years ago, where it all began again as he fed hungry customers with great barbecue dishes such as pulled pork sandwiches and rib tips coated in the tangy sauce!

3. Inspires us to take risks

National Fried Clam Day wouldn’t exist without the Woodmans.

People sometimes say that fried clams are an acquired taste, but I don’t think this is true for everyone because my mom loves them and she doesn’t like anything else on earth more than these salty little bivalves! The best way to cook up some fresh shells? Drop them into hot oil where they’ll start bubbling right away before being fully cooked through – just how Mom likes ’em every year since 1968…when she first served herself up a plateful at her Christmas dinner party after frying about ten pounds’ worth all by hand with only three kitchen tools: two heavy saucepans filled with oil and a wire basket.

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