National Garlic Day

National Garlic Day

This is a day to celebrate the marvels of garlic! The symbol for this event has been set by our team in Asia, where it originated. Join us and make sure you celebrate right- maybe by eating some delicious dishes made with onions?

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Why Garlic Day?

The day is here! It’s time to celebrate all things natural. We’re talking about the healing power and origin of Asia: garlic, that fiery flavoring you find in almost every cuisine across this continent – both raw or cooked (although we recommend making everything fresh). There are many benefits from eating it; not only do our favorite cloves provide us with antioxidants so powerful they’ve been shown capable of fighting cancer cells but also helps maintain blood pressure levels due to their ability to reduce inflammation throughout body tissues as well tasty flavor to boot?! Let me tell ya’, I speak from experience.

The largest food festival in America is being conducted on an annual basis and as of now, there are several varieties of garlic foods exhibited. A Documentary filmed by director Les Blank 40 years ago created a huge impression with this event that takes place every year- The United States’ Garlic Festival!

How we can Celebrate or Observe National Garlic Day:

You can post your known benefits of Garlic using this hashtag #GarlicBenefits on Social Media so that others may get benefitted.

Interesting Facts About Garlic Day:

If you have bad breath, it could be due to your liver not being able to process certain toxins. Garlic helps regulate the pancreas and guts so that they can eliminate these harmful substances from our bodies further leading to better digestion!

Who doesn’t love a good old garlic bulb? The smell is enough to make anyone feel energized and healthy. Eating it on an empty stomach has been proven by medical experts as well, who consider this natural medicine with many vitamins especially rich in Vitamin B1 (B-6) worth considering for those looking at healthier lives!

We all know that garlic is a great natural antibiotic, but did you also know it can prevent spreading infections? And not just ones related to cold and fever. It works fabulously in healing wounds too! If your health starts suffering because of anemia or any other blood-related issue then start eating some cloves every day for the best results ever – these will help spice up their immune system while provoking circulation so they are healthier overall.

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The alluring aroma of garlic is not just for flavoring food anymore. Research has shown that this stinky clove helps to heal and rejuvenate your skin with antioxidants, making it smoother than ever before! As a bonus? You can expect reduced acne rates due in part to its ability as a decongestant that relieves nasal congestion during sleep so rest assured knowing you’re getting more out of those precious hours behind closed eyes.

The health benefits of garlic are well-known to many, but did you know it can help with preventing heart disease? The amino acid homocysteine creates unpleasant blood clots if present in high levels. When we consume foods that contain cysteine or metal so thio lene ­two other ingredients found within this tasty herb–our bodies produce less muck in as domain-containing protein called folates which leads towards healthier hearts!

The use of garlic is great medicine, but it should only be used in certain situations because when taken without warning with other medications that make you thinner than normal blood might cause problems.

Those who are under medication for Heart disease should avoid eating garlic since it may further reduce the homocysteine level. Garlic is rich in iodine and Hyperthyroidism patients might suffer more from intake of this toxic foodstuff, so beware!

History of Garlic Day:

The first mention of garlic is reported to be in a book from 3000 B.C., but its origin remains unknown because it could have originated anywhere between central Asia and India over thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago! There are currently 300 varieties available today which vary by color, shape, and smell – there’s something special for everyone here!!

The Egyptians worshiped garlic before it was adopted as currency and a sign of good fortune in Greece. In ancient times, people believed that eating or wearing garlic would protect them from vampires; nowadays we know this to be true for its antibacterial properties alone!

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