Best National Golf Lovers Day (October 4) Messages – Golf Quotes and Slogans

Best National Golf Lovers Day Messages: It’s national golf lover’s day on October 4! Why not celebrate with a round of golf? Or maybe you could plan a staycation at the local country club.

Whether you want to play 18 holes or take in some putt-putt, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this holiday. In this blog post, we will go over everything about celebrating national golf lover’s day and how it differs from other holidays.

History Of National Golf Lover’s Day

National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this sports holiday. However, it’s interesting to note that on August 28, 1895, was when the first U.S Men’s Open Golf Championship took place as an event in New Jersey named “U.S American Country Club” with a winner by Horace Rawlins. He is crowned champion for winning $150 and approximately 10% interest into his bank account – not too bad!

About National Golf Lover’s Day

The history of national golf lover’s day is not well known, but it has been celebrated for many years. It was started in the early 2000s by a few avid golfers who wanted to find an excuse to play every other month instead of just once or twice a year like most people do.

They also liked how October and April were months with no big holidays, so they decided to try and fill the void.

As national golf lover’s day has evolved, it has become more than just an excuse for guys to play 18 holes every other month. Women are finally getting into the game, which was not common in previous years when this holiday first began. Now, everyone is encouraged to play on national golf lover’s day.

National Golf Lover’s Day-Date is October 4

If you want to play golf on national golf lover’s day, make sure that it is the right time by checking out this calendar. It was created with input from avid golfers across the country and included all of their favorites.

As long as it isn’t raining or too cold for your taste, there are plenty of courses open throughout October where you can spend some quality time playing a round of 18 holes. If nothing else comes up in October 2018, go ahead and book an autumnal escape at one of these locations!

National Golf Lovers Day Text Messages

1. Golf is one game which resembles the most with the life….. You are treated with bad breaks from good shots and vice versa….And you have to play all your shots from where the ball lies…. Best wishes on National Golf Lovers Day.

2. I wish that you get to celebrate National Golf Lovers Day by spending your day on the green field, taking right aims and right shots for a memorable game…. Enjoy this wonderful day playing golf.

3. Golf makes you forget everything….. It is simply impossible to remember this tragic world when you are playing golf because you are surrounded with happy times…. Best wishes on National Golf Lovers Day.

4. Golf is the game that is to be played on a five inches course….. the distance that is between your two ears….. Best wishes on National Golf Lover’s Day.

5. Golf is just like a love affair…. If you don’t take it seriously then there is no fun but if you take it very seriously then it ends up breaking your heart…. Wishing you a very Happy National Golf Lovers Day.

Funny Golf Sayings and Inspirational Golf Quotes

6. Golf is a game which involves lots of walking….. breaking up with disappointment and also a bad arithmetic…. Best wishes on National Golf Lovers Day.

7. Golf is a game loaded with fascination…. It can take you maximum number of years to learn it and finally know that you cannot play it….. Happy National Golf Lover’s Day.

8. Blessed are those who love golf because it is one game that is a blend of class and command…. Wishing you a Happy National Golf Lovers Day.

9. The best blessing for a golf player on National Golf Lovers Day is that you enjoy playing golf on each and every day of life and you shine bright in every game.

10. For all those who say that golf is like life don’t know golf much because it is more complicated than life…. Have a wonderful National Golf Lover’s Day.

Short and Catchy Golf Slogans

11. Golf is the game of misses…. The person who misses the best is going to be the winner.

12. The only way to master Golf is by playing it every day and playing it with passion.

13. Golf is all about spending your whole day in a round of strenuous idleness.

14. Golf helps you understand now only your opponent better but also explore your inner self.

15. Golf is like life…. If you cannot take golf then you can certainly not take life.

National Golf Lover’s Day Events

If you want an excuse for your friends to play some rounds of golf with you on National Golf Lover’s Day, then here are some special events happening throughout the country this year!

Make sure that they know about these fun times by tagging them on social media when posting pictures from each event.

How To Celebrate National Golf Lover’s Day?

There are many ways that you can celebrate this holiday with your friends or family members. You could organize a big tournament at the local course and have people come in from all over town for a day of fun.

This would be a great way to bring the community together and get people involved who may not usually play golf.

If you won’t, other options do not require as much money or effort. You could go out for a round with some friends – take it easy on them if they’re new to the game.

Or you could plan a short trip to the local course and spend some time getting in touch with nature while playing one of America’s favorite pastimes!

National Golf Lover’s Day Syndrome

Many people will be celebrating national golf lover’s day by going to the course and playing around. This is great, but it can cause some severe problems as well! National Golf Lover’s Day Syndrome (NGLS) has been similar to “National Football Sunday” syndrome for those who do not play regularly or even know how to play at all.

NGLS can cause people to avoid their family and friends during this holiday while spending the day on the course. Instead of marking National Golf Lover’s Day off your calendar with a big red circle or star, try one of these alternative ways to celebrate!

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