National Good Samaritan Day

This coming weekend, you can show your kindness by helping someone in need. National Good Samaritan Day is celebrated on 13th March every single year and it’s a perfect opportunity for us all to be selfless—to put others before ourselves when they require support or aid! Celebrate this important holiday with family members who deserve recognition at least once per semester, or by lending a helping hand to somebody who’s having a tough day.

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Why National Good Samaritan Day?

The term “Good Samaritan” comes from the Bible and describes a person who helps out another without any clothes, food, or shelter. The way they do this is by providing them with things that will help their care as well as taking them somewhere safe so they can be taken good care of. National Good Samaritan Day celebrates all of the people who have helped others in need and encourages others to do the same.

This day is celebrated to honor Catherine “Kitty” Genovese, a woman who was brutally murdered near her home on the 13th of March 1964. According to research and reports from different sources like The New York Times newspaper at that period in which it happened or other researchers since then through interviews with those close friends/family members left behind after an unfortunate death whether suspicious circumstances leading up until conclusion point-blank range including neighbors heard screams but did nothing as well everyone’s favorite villainizing suspect Winston Moseley who’s Kitty’s admitted killer as longstanding Marist College professor Jack Levin, what makes this story infamous more than anything else even Kitty’s Legacy then ongoing 50 years later, unfortunately, is 38 eyewitnesses saw or heard something and did nothing to help.

This is a shameful incident that every person should be acquainted with. We never know; maybe an act of kindness can change someone’s life or make their day more enjoyable, and on the contrary, being unaware about pain others feel disgraces ourselves as well since we were able to prevent it from happening again by reporting them Clinging onto hope until there was no alternative left- but too late now!

When Muss Genovese called out for help, she received no response. Some argue that there were around forty people who heard her screams and ignored them in the hopes of saving whatever they could from their home being taken over by this armed robber who had already killed one person that day before reaching into pockets with knives clutched tightly between finger and thumb ready to cut throats if needed – just like what happened next minute after minute until finally coming up empty-handed when it seemed all hope was lost Kitty cried out once more and finally 2 people responded.

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To be a good samaritan is not an easy task. It requires kindness, generosity, and selflessness towards others in need of help from you or anyone else for that matter- but most importantly having the desire to give back as much assistance when needed without expecting anything in return except maybe recognition which would just motivate them even further! My advice? Do what feels natural because there’s no point trying too hard at being someone we aren’t since everyone has their unique energy about themselves so use yours wisely…and don’t forget how rewarding it can feel knowing these small gestures mean everything to somebody who needs it during tough moments in life.

This is the best day to be alive! We all have our own busy lives and sometimes we forget about others. It’s a reminder for everyone that an act of kindness can change someone else’s life completely, just as yours has been changed by doing something nice today – maybe even without knowing it yet 🙂 The feeling you get when your heart fulls because someone had more fun than they were expecting isn’t really logical but very real nonetheless; this should make us want MORE rather than less from other people to produce those types of outcomes where everyone wins (even though there will always remain some butterflies).

How can we observe National Good Samaritan Day?

This day is a great opportunity to show the world that you are one of those people who go out and do something nice for someone else. It could be as simple, or complicated – doesn’t matter! The important thing here, though…is showing gratitude in some way throughout your life: by helping friends with their problems; giving money when they ask instead of keeping it for yourself as most would prefer; treating strangers nicely every now again so we don’t lose touch with how important kindness can be!

Volunteering at a soup kitchen is always an act of kindness. You can make donations in the form of clothes, books, and other essentials to those who need them most; especially if they are not able-bodied due to themselves being hungry but also having no way around getting fed because their income doesn’t stretch far enough every day. Buying food items for people becomes necessary when living off just one meal per day which means that your money will go fast- so buy something extra than usual! Furthermore, blood donation could save lives too -though this may seem painful there are a lot of people out there who would be grateful for your National Good Samaritan Day donation.

Show some love on social media by promoting this day. Upload a picture and set an example for others! Use hashtags like #GoodSamaritanDay,#SpreadLove sticky notes everywhere you go so that people know what they can do to show their gratitude or appreciation in return; it might just make someone’s day better than yours…

Interesting facts on National Good Samaritan Day:

The day of kindness, Good Samaritan Day is a time to show gratitude and respect for those who have gone out of their way without expecting anything in return. Here are some interesting facts about this wonderful tradition!

We all know that happy people are more likely to have positive effects on others, but did you also realize the power of our thoughts? Truly feeling compassion can make us glow from within. The term “bystander effect” might be something worth talking about when it comes down to how often we avoid helping out because sometimes there’s just no telling what could happen- is someone going find your cell phone after dropping off coffee at their favorite spot or will they return later with an ice cream cone in hand?!

History of National Good Samaritan Day :

The founder of this honored day was never revealed. It is celebrated on March 13th, the same as Genovese’s death date; however, we should always be aware and willing to help those who need it most in order not repeat such accidents like what happened when she wasn’t there for someone else again – that person could have died! So today I’m going out with an open heart ready to make my little difference by simply doing something kind like picking up your dropped phone or asking if they want some water while walking past them during our busy morning rush hour commute (although personally speaking if somebody does ask then yes).

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