National Grouch Day 2022 [October 15] Happy Grouch Day Wishes, Quotes

National Grouch Day 2022: National Grouch Day is a day to celebrate those who are grouchy and have been labeled as being “grouches.” It’s a day where you can acknowledge the things that annoy them, gripe about it, and share this with others so they know they’re not alone. National Grouch Day.

We need to realize that we all have different personalities and sometimes what seems like an annoyance to one person will be seen as lighthearted humor by someone else. So if you find yourself grumpy today on National Grouch Day, don’t worry! You’re in good company!

About National Grouch Day

National Grouch Day falls on October 15th of every year. A grouch is defined as a discontented or ill-tempered person who criticizes, complains about, and looks upon the world with disgust and disapproval.

It was first celebrated in 2005 by Jim O’Connor after he saw an article published by his friend Michael Fry which described a grouch as a person who doesn’t appreciate the simple pleasures in life. In response, Jim wanted to celebrate those people on this special day and make them feel appreciated for their personalities.

Michael Fry is also responsible for creating National Hugging Day which falls on February 27th of every year where we celebrate showing affection towards one another by hugging our loved ones.

What You Can Do On National Grouch Day

If you’re a grouch and want to celebrate your personality on this day, there are plenty of things you can do!

National Grouch Day-Date is October 15th

Don’t like hugs? Have some self-respect! Hug your friends, family members, or significant other if they need one. If you don’t have someone to hug today then just give yourself a big ol’ bear hug because everyone needs more love than they get sometimes. National Grouch Day.

Go out to a movie, play or concert to engage your senses and listen to some great music.

If you’re up for it, take yourself out on the town by going shopping at an outlet mall where there might be big sales happening today! Get that new outfit that’s been sitting in your closet waiting patiently now because prices are about to drop drastically with the holidays coming up.

Go to your local park and go on a long walk by yourself where you can take some time out of the day to embrace nature, enjoy the silence and appreciate what’s around you. Consider taking someone with you if they’re feeling down so that they too can experience this special moment in life as well!

History Of National Grouch Day

In Germany, the day is known as “Grumpiness Appreciation Day.” In Japan, it’s called the “National Complaint Memorial” where people complain about things they’re unhappy about throughout the year and then celebrate how many complaints were logged on this special day. In Mexico, it’s known as “National Crying Day” where people can feel free to whine about things that annoy them. It was first celebrated in Mexico on July 23, 1993, and has since spread throughout Latin America.

In Brazil, they have a similar day called “Bad Moods’ Appreciation Day.” In France, the day is known as “Sourpusses’ Celebration Day.” In Italy, it’s called “National Pout-In” where people can pout about anything that has been bothering them throughout the year. National Grouch Day.

Happy Grouch Day Wishes

The first celebration of National Grouch Day started in 2013 with a song titled “I love trash” sang by the Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird. According to his name, it becomes Grouch Day. On this day one can unleash the inner grouch. And wish to be happy for the rest of the year. This is a great day to show the best sense of humor on the internet.

Happy Grouch Day Quotes Saying & Status

Today is a day for all Grouches to celebrate their way of life. Oscar explains it best when he sings the Grouch Anthem. Here are the words so you can join in and sing along.

Grouches of the world unite!

Stand up for your grouchly rights!
Don’t let the sunshine spoil the rain
Just stand up and complain (heheheh)

Let this be the grouches’ cause:
Point out everybody’s flaws!
Something is wrong with everything
Except the way i sing!

You know what’s right with this world? nuttin!
You know what gets me hot under the collar? you name it!
And the next time some goody-two-shoes smiles and tells you to have a nice day just remember:

Don’t let the sunshine spoil the rain
Just stand up and complain!
Just stand up and complain!

How To Celebrate National Grouch Day?

It’s National Grouch Day and you’re wondering how to celebrate it since the day is all about appreciation for grouches? Here are some ways how to make this special day even more memorable!

Give a fake award out of recognition to your friends who might be considered “grouchy” by others. Write down an award on a card or scrapbook paper and decorate it with candy, flowers, or other decorations. It could be an award for the best grouch, most annoying person you know, or even something like “most likely to complain about everything!”

National Grouch Day Syndrome

If you’ve ever met someone who is grouchy on National Grouch Day or throughout the year, then you might be suffering from “National Grouch Syndrome.” It’s an illness that makes people complain about everything and anything. The only cure for this disease? An appreciation day where we celebrate those with bad attitudes because they’re necessary for life!

National Grouch Day Summary

The First National Grouch Day was celebrated this year with a bang! There are many famous grumps out there like Elmo from Sesame Street and Gund on TV.

Happy Grouch Day Wishes

This year, on November 9th we’ll be celebrating National Grouch Day. The first celebration of this holiday started with a song titled “I love trash” sung by Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird from Sesame Street! According to his name, it becomes ‘Grouch Day’ where you can unleash your inner grouch for one day only – wish everyone else happiness throughout the rest of their years like I do every single other week though because as they say: If not now then when?! National Grouch Day.

National Grouch Day Images

To summarize, we are all a little bit grouchy at times. That’s okay though because being grumpy isn’t necessarily bad but letting it control your life is! And that’s why National Grouch Day was created to help people get out of their negative feelings- by celebrating this feeling with others who share similar attitudes towards life concerns like mishaps and sadnesses. National Grouch Day is celebrated on September 9th.

Happy Grouch Day Quotes Saying & Status

Today is a day for all Grouches to celebrate their way of life. Oscar explains it best when he sings the Grouch Anthem and here are the words so you can join in on this fun song!

Point out everybody’s flaws!

The world is not perfect. There are always things that need fixing, and this time it’s your turn to be the grouch in charge of making sure everything stays on track – so point them out if they aren’t already doing enough work for you by saying stuff like “you know what gets me hot under my collar? You name it!”

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If you’re a grouch and want to celebrate your personality on this day, there are plenty of things you can do! Be sure to appreciate those who have the same bad attitudes as well by giving them an award or taking yourself out on the town. If you don’t like being around negative people then just go off into nature where it’s peaceful and quiet!

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