National Gumdrop Day / February 15, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Gumdrop Day?

National Gumdrop Day

National Gumdrop Day is observed annually on February 15th. It commemorates the invention of gumdrops in 1869 by confectioner John Smith, who was experimenting with new recipes for fruit ices at his shop in Philadelphia. The day is not an official holiday but it has been celebrated since 1922 when President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed that “gumdrops are among our most popular candies.”

History Of National Gumdrop Day

Gumdrops are chewy, gelatin candy that most often come flavored with fruit or spices. These gummy sweets make for an excellent snack and can even be enjoyed as dessert!

In 1801, the world was a much different place. People didn’t know what they were eating or even where food came from for that matter! Percy Trusdale found himself with an idea: gumdrops made out of candy cane and peppermint leaves. These sweet treats would not only be delicious but also help soothe upset stomachs when consumed after meals as well as cleanse your mouth palate between courses at dinner parties.

In those days it seemed like anything could happen – there wasn’t social media filling our minds every second providing instant feedback on everything we do-so who knows how long ago this story took place?

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One day, National Gumdrop Day will be just as commonplace in America. But for now, the best way to celebrate this special occasion is by eating some delicious gummy treats while you can get your hands on some more!

Gumdrops are one of the most popular candies in many different cultures. With gumdrop flavors expanding beyond tradition, your taste buds will be excited with every bite!

Gumdrops paved the way for modern-day gummy candies like gummi bears.

The classic gumdrop has been around since 1887. It was first created by Allen Gunpotion who called it “a hybrid of sugar, water, and fruit pectin.” This sweet treat became known as a ‘Gum Dukkah’ in England before they were distributed all over Europe where its popularity quickly grew among both children and adults alike!


  1. Get crafty!

You can spend hours playing around with gumdrops. Make a garland of them, ornaments that will be sure to brighten up your Christmas tree in December (or any time), some sculptures made out of the colorful sugar crystals, and even drink garnishes!

  1. Make your own

Homemade gumdrops are quite simple to make and really taste better than store-bought ones. You will need some ingredients, but the process of making them is not at all difficult!

  1. Merge science with food

Are you looking for a fun way to spend some quality time with your kids? Build structures using gumdrops and toothpicks! This is an activity that requires skill but also has the potential of being super competitive. It’s perfect because who doesn’t love competing against friends or family members in something they’re good at (even if it means putting their skills on display)?


1.​Largest gummy candy

You might think that gummy candy is child’s play, but the largest size of any shape was made in 2014. It weighed 1128 pounds and 12 ounces during the refrigeration process which took six days to set!

2.​Most popular flavor

With over 100 years of history, the namesakes of these famous flavors are well known to us. Cherry is by far our most popular gumdrop flavor followed closely by grape and orange before lemon takes third place!

  1. Largest gumdrop

​The Brach’s Candy Company has created the world’s largest gumdrop (in its original, traditional shape) measuring over 10 pounds.

  1. Most eaten in one minute

Kevin “L.A. Beast” Strahle set the record in 2017 by eating 31 gummy bears, finishing them all within one minute!

The man who goes by many names (including Kevin ‘L Angelesbeast'” is an American eater and his accomplishments don’t stop there; he also holds multiple world records for things like most doughnuts eaten on roller skates or fastest time to finish 100 hot dogs with mustard at least 18 different ways.”

  1. Largest gummy bear

The world’s largest gummy bear is coming to blows with another record-breaking creature. The competition has become so fierce that it will be difficult for either competitor to take the crown at this point, but there are still some pointers one can use as they prepare their bid in hopes of becoming champion!

“So far,” according to Texas’ 2011 all-time favorite contender who weighed 81 pounds and measured 2 feet tall by 1 foot wide–their size isn’t really surprising given its inception date; however what does surprise us could very well happen tomorrow because anything could happen between now and then (maybe even more)?


  1. We love candy

Americans eat a whopping 22 pounds of candy each year, and it’s not just kids who indulge. The average American consumes more than one pound per week!

  1. We love to play with our food

Gumdrops are a delicious and sweet treat that children love to play with when they’re creating their own gingerbread houses or using them in science projects.

  1. Variety is the spice of life

Gummies are a great replacement for candy because they’re more than just sugar and artificial flavoring. With over 100 different flavors, you’ll never get bored of the gummy treat again!


While National Gumdrop Day is not a federal holiday, it’s impossible to ignore. This day has become synonymous with happiness and fun! When you say “Happy National Gumdrop Day,” what other reason do we need than that? Let the celebrations begin!

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