National Hot Chocolate Day / January 31, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day?

National Hot Chocolate Day is celebrated on January 31st. This day has been designated to recognize the enjoyment and history of hot chocolate around the world. It’s a perfect time to gather with friends, family, or colleagues for some delicious cocoa! In this blog post, we will explore hot chocolate from its humble origins in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica through today’s modern recipes and interesting facts.

History Of National Hot Chocolate Day

The hot chocolate we drink today has been around for centuries. The first time someone spiced cocoa with other ingredients, like peppermint or vanilla beans to flavor it was during the 16th century in Mexico City by Alonso de Santa Anna who wanted his guests at court to ban sub-par drinks from their diets because they disagreed greatly on taste preference between this new type of beverage and traditional cocoas made without spices

French president Louis XIV started drinking an early version known as “Chocolat” which used milk instead of dairy products but its popularity wasn’t until decades later when another French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte offered prisoners’ relatives 12 copper coins if each could find ten people willing to execute him immediately the following incarceration. The term “hot chocolate” was coined when a French vintner named Nicholas Sanders invented the world’s first, true version in 1764. His recipe for this special drink called for cocoa, sugar, and vanilla to be blended into a paste before adding milk

National Hot Chocolate Day Activities

  1. Drink up

Indulge in your favorite hot chocolate by heading down to the local coffee shop or restaurant.

With a piping-hot cup of rich, creamy goodness you can enjoy while sitting on any one of their comfortable benches—or if they don’t have seats available, simply take up space!

  1. Make your own marshmallows and whipped cream

Whipped cream and marshmallows are surprisingly easy to make. Although you need gelatin, vanilla extract (or bean), sugar cane syrup (also called Sucanat) for the latter; these can be found in most grocery stores or farmer’s markets! The only other ingredient needed is heavy whipping cream itself- this will come pre refrigerated at many local dairy factories nowadays due to or changes made by law which require them to keep it cold during processing if they want their products marketed as ultrahigh-temperature pasteurized.

  1. Host a hot chocolate sampler

Is there anything cozier than a steaming cup of hot chocolate? A perfect drink for those cold winter nights, it’s also the ideal way to warm up on lazy weekends with family and friends. There are so many different kinds: Mexican Hot Chocolate (champurrón!), White Hot Creme de Menthe… you can even customize your own flavor!


  1. It’s the perfect winter drink

When it’s cold outside, we love to stay cozy by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate between our hands. The smell is enough for us and provides warmth on those chilly winter nights cocoa we drink today has been around for hundreds of years and was originally consumed as a bitter beverage. Soon after, it evolved into the sweet, creamy drink we know today.

  1. It’s good for you

Chocolate is a delicious treat that can help give our body the nutrients it needs. It contains many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – all of which provide us with great health benefits!

  1. It boosts your mood

You know that feeling when you drink hot chocolate? The one where your brain releases endorphins and serotonin, which elicits feelings of calmness.


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