National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day – January 14, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day falls on January 14th each year. It was first celebrated in 1985 by a man named Larry King, who was the owner of a small deli and wanted to create a day that would celebrate his favorite food. The holiday is also known as National Roast Beef and Swiss Cheese Day. Regardless of what you call it, this is an important holiday for those who enjoy hot pastrami sandwiches! Read on to learn more about the history of this special day, how it’s celebrated across the country, and some recipe ideas for your celebration!”

History Of National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

National Day Calendar is continuing its investigation into the origin of this sandwich day. While it does, we are going to make Dagwood-sized pastrami on rye!

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day Activities

1. Throw a Pastrama party

A pastrami party is a great way to have your friends over for some delicious sandwiches and drinks, but would they be entertained? You could always invite them too! There are so many things you can do on this day- from watching old episodes of Friends or Saturday Night Live (don’t forget that vintage Seinfeld) with all those loose changes under couch cushions; playing Risk until dawn breaks through — it doesn’t matter if we’re right: as long as one person wins then everyone does.

2. Go out for lunch

For most people, the idea of eating a hot pastrami sandwich on National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day is enough to make your mouth water. If you can’t wait that long or are looking for more IRL activities then search out some delis in your area and order up!

3. Give the gift of a sandwich

The perfect meal on a cold day, the hot pastrami sandwich is portable and packed with protein. Order another one for someone in need of some good old-fashioned kindness!


1.No other sandwich compares

A smokey flavor incomparable to other sandwiches, rye bread and mustard played an important role in the creation of a unique sandwich. The key ingredients include beef that has been cooked on a grill with some spices for extra flair!

2. It’s a cultural icon

The hot pastrami sandwich is a symbol of Jewish New York, and it’s no wonder why. With every bite, you can taste the soulfulness that embodies this culture’s roots in Eastern Europe!

3. It warms the soul

The next time you’re craving a pastrami sandwich, be sure to take note of the steps involved in creating it. The typical process starts with curing and rubbing before smoking or boiling for hours on end so that trademark smokey flavor can form over time as well!


The sandwich is a staple of the American diet and tastes great, but it’s not without its risks. It has been linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease — particularly in smokers — due to nitrates used in preservation processes!

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