National Hugging Day – January 21, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Hugging Day is a day designed to encourage people to hug each other more often. It was first established on January 21, 2010, and it is observed every year on the same day. Although this date may seem arbitrary, it coincides with three significant events in American history: On January 21st, 1781 George Washington crossed the Delaware River for a surprise attack on Hessian forces; In 1859 Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous “A House Divided” speech at New York’s Cooper Union Hall, And finally, in 1938 Shirley Temple had her very first screen appearance as an 8-year old child actor.


National Hugging Day is the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones that they’re appreciated. In a world full of social media and electronic communication, physical contact can feel lost in translation – but not when you want them around! Give them an enthusiastic bear hug or give their hand a shake from across the room for just 30 seconds every day this February; it’s enough time spent connecting through touch without feeling awkward about what else may be going on between us.

Carrying out these simple gestures means more than showing appreciation: It reminds people who care about each other how much we appreciate having someone special in our lives by never forgetting all those little things like holding hands while walking home together at night during winter season afternoons with only street lamps lighting up the way.

History Of National Hugging Day

People have been practicing hugging for years, but it wasn’t recognized as an official holiday until 1986.

A popular idea that people embrace every day is the act of giving and receiving a hug- therefore in 1986 hugs were given Hug Day recognition!

In 1998, hundreds of people from across the United States gathered in New York City to celebrate Hug Day by hugging as many strangers as possible.

Until now National Hugging day is being celebrated annually on January 21st and it’s been a positive influence for those who embrace this idea every year!

In a world filled with so much tension and stress, it’s important to take the time out of your day for some good old-fashioned love. On this special occasion called Hugging Day, people around the globe come together in the celebration by giving each other hugs or holding hands as they talk about how important these moments are! them.

In Conclusion, National Hugging Day is a day designed to encourage people- young and old alike- to express affection towards those they care about or find important in their lives. Encourage others on this special occasion by giving the gift of love through hugs!

The holiday was first established as an awareness event for “hugging, cuddling, and kissing in public” by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on January 21st (the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s “House Divided” speech)

Some people feel like they are alone in this world and no one understands them. These feelings lead to isolation, which causes more fearfulness of the outside world as well; it becomes hard for these individuals with fears or anxiety issues to go out into public spaces because there may not be anything comforting about those places either way!

The huggers want you all back home where your loved ones can cuddle up next to each other while watching TV together on Sunday nights–or at least near something familiar if nothing else will do—and enjoy being close without having any major concerns about what might happen when strangers see how sad we look underneath our masks that day (“How Emotional Workplaces Harm Mental Health”).

It is important to establish consent before physically hugging someone.

The Hugging Day Foundation encourages people who are celebrating the day, or those participating in our events and celebrations around it, will be asking permission first from anyone they choose as their huggee – this way no one feels uncomfortable about how much affectionate touching another person may need at any given time!


This is the best way to celebrate National Hugging Day. When you spread love and offer an embrace, it will make your friends feel loved too!


12 hugs a day

You might not be aware of it, but you are probably hugging your mom or dad on average more than five times a day. The scientific community is interested in knowing if this amount counts towards one’s development and found that reaching a huge number quota has great benefits such as increasing empathy levels!

32% stress-buffering

Hugs can save you from the common cold! A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University researchers in 2015 found that 404 healthy adults were more susceptible to developing a respiratory infection after being exposed. Results showed an association between perceived social support and getting hugged, which is understandable because it feels good when someone cares for us like this—especially at risk times or during stressful events such as the death of loved ones or job loss (which often lead people to feel isolated).

Carnegie Mellon’s Department Of Social Work And Behavioural Sciences studied how hugs impacted susceptibility among individuals who had no apparent illness history but reported experiencing high levels of stressors like life crises; they also indicated having low self-esteem & depression symptoms associated with their social support networks.

20 seconds for the perfect hug

The benefits of hugging are not just limited to the emotional connection. Though huggers indeed feel better after their brief encounter with affection, longer hugs also provide physical relief from many ailments like insomnia and headaches because they release serotonin into your brain which helps produce happy feelings among other things!

National Hugging Day Activities

1. Hug a friend

Hugging your friends is a great way to show them you care. When was the last time that someone hugged for no reason at all? It’s so rare! Think about what would happen if everyone started hugging more often, even when they didn’t have anything else in common- how much better our world could be with just one less disagreement or problem between people who love each other unconditionally!

Cuddle parties are becoming more and more popular among individuals who feel comfortable around each other for this reason. It is a safe space event that encourages people to feel comfortable with each other while connecting on an intimate level.

2. Hug a stranger

Random strangers are some of the most generous, kind people you’ll ever meet. They often go out without any expectation for recognition or reward; it is just something they want to do because that’s what one should be doing in life-giving love not taking it away!

The benefits don’t stop there though: hugging also offers physical relief as well as emotional comfort which can make all aspects seem more manageable when done right after an argument – so next time your significant other starts Act III withholding his/her infinite wistfulness towards yourself try to Hug him first (if he will let himself)!

3. Hug yourself

A hug is a great way to instantly lift your mood and feel safe. When you need that positive reinforcement, nothing can be better than getting the gift of affection from someone who loves us for all our flaws. We should all love ourselves enough to know that we are worthy of feeling pleasure every day.


1. Hugging builds trust

Putting your arms around someone can be an incredible way to build trust with them and feel safe. This is because it helps open up honest communication, which makes you more likely to have confidence in what’s being said or asked for!

2. Hugging is healthy

Hugs are a great way to strengthen your immune system. They can help heal emotional wounds and pain, too! The gentle pressure on the sternum creates an electrical charge that goes straight into our solar plexus chakra for us all to feel better from within outwards.

Hugging also releases oxytocin in the brain which is why it helps reduce stress and anxiety. It creates a calming effect that makes us feel better and less isolated which is why we should all be hugging more & talking to our friends about what’s wrong!

3. Hugs may alleviate our fears

Scientists have found that hugging, even if it’s just an inanimate object like a teddy bear can help people overcome their existential fears. They feel safer in the world when they can confide in someone who cares.


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