National I Am In Control Day

This March 31st, we celebrate National I Am In Control Day. It’s a day to remind ourselves that no matter how difficult our circumstances may be or what obstacles come in front of us – as long as we keep our chin up and eyes forward (and don’t give in to fear), everything will work out for the best!

A few years ago on 03/30th 2004-2010, there was another person who found themselves at rock bottom after an assassination attempt against them; this time it wasn’t President Reagan though…

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Why National I Am In Control Day?

We all have moments in our life where everything is out of control. This day recognizes the United States’ most notable example when President Ronald Reagan was shot at and missed by an assassin on March 30th, 1981; Secretary Haig took his place as if he were still ruler over America that day! He famously said ‘I am Control here’ while things grew increasingly unruly around them – just like today with current events making headlines daily across newspapers or online portals alike.”

This day encourages people to get life back in control and perspective as they stop recognizing the disorder, but affirm their ability to calm themselves down despite testing situations.

We all have days when things don’t go our way. Celebrate this day in particular, because acknowledging that something is out of control can be a good first step towards taking back control and improving whatever situation you’re dealing with! When we affirm ourselves by saying “I’m the boss” or even just feeling like there’s some hope left for change (even though it may feel pretty hopeless) – then take action based on what will make YOU happy instead; your feelings won’t matter as much anymore if they ever did…

Whispering the phrase “I am present” to yourself can be a surprisingly effective way of calming your anxiety. Try it the next time you feel anxious!

How Can We Observe National I Am In Control Day:

The day of the year when we all feel in control, and it’s important to take time for yourself. This can mean anything from doing something creative like painting or writing poetry (or even playing sports!), hanging out with friends/family at home instead of going out somewhere expensive – whatever makes YOU happy! If there are no plans already made then get creatively IC-minded by thinking up your unique ideas ahead on how best TO celebrate National I am ControLLlng Day…

The first step to being in control is learning how. The next time you feel out of your league, just remember that there are always people who have it worse than us and they’re not giving up on themselves anytime soon! Take this opportunity as a reminder for why we should be proud when things get tough: because our resilience can help others succeed too!!

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Today is a day to celebrate all things, George. Not only has he been an inspiration for our annual event, but this October 31st, 2011 marks the 74th anniversary of when The Great Penguin Adventure first hit theaters!

We’re also taking part in Wear Red Day which aims at raising awareness about traffic accidents caused by drivers who don’t wear their seat belts or use proper safety practices so they can save lives during emergencies like fire warnings – you know what I mean?

Interesting Facts On National I Am In Control Day:

This year, on October 15th National I am in Control Day will be celebrated. This holiday allows people from all backgrounds to introspect their lives and become more aware of themselves as they try to gain control over what happens within it. People celebrate by sharing facts about the history behind this day’s theme–some such interesting stories are listed below:

President Ronald Reagan, the Gipper himself was shot and nearly died on this day in 1981. A bullet pierced his lung but he overcame all those odds with sheer determination to serve as the best president we could ever ask for!

When Secretary of State Alexander Haig made the famous official statement from his office ‘I am in control here,’ which reassured citizens as he took up all responsibilities. The assassin John Hinckley tried to copy this action by following an iconic scene from the movie Taxi Driver and carrying out violence against former President Ronald Reagan just like Travis Bickle does with Robert DiNero’s character on behalf of Diana at point-of resemblance before shooting himself dead after getting into a gun battle with officers who had been sent thereupon.

History Of National I Am In Control Day:

John Hinckley, the man who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan on March 30th, 1981 was born in 1960. On this day we remember all victims of violence and oppression around the world because they are just like us!

“I am in control here.” The phrase released by Secretary of State Alexander Haig, 30 years ago this month (and still used today), has come a long way since. It’s simple yet powerful – reaffirming faith and calming the chaos within ourselves; it makes March 29th important not just historically or mentally but spiritually too!

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