National Jelly Bean Day

National Jelly Bean Day: In honor of National Jelly Bean Day, we’re taking a look at the incredible benefits these delicious and colorful confections provide.

-They taste great! Even though they may seem like a simple treat (with only three main flavors: Strawberry Banana peanut butter), many people find that there’s something special about jellies/jelly beans in general – you can always get more out of them by experimenting with different sauces or toppings;-)

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Why is National Jelly Bean Day celebrated?

When you think of childhood memories, what comes to mind? Do sweets like jelly beans come up in your thoughts or does the mention of tasty Turkish Delight make one’s mouth water with desire for this old rival confectionery that was once so popular among Americans but has since lost its appeal due largely because many other types were introduced- such as chocolates and cotton candy? National Jelly Bean Day is a time to remember and celebrate the jelly bean.

Jelly Beans have been a part of American culture since before World War II. This favorite Easter treat is shaped like an egg and coated with a colorful coating to resemble the easter eggs we know from our childhoods, but there’s more than just nostalgia behind its popularity! These sweets are very nutritious thanks so much again Bean boozled challenge or Every Flavor beans manufactured by Bertie Bott’s company which ensures their place not only among confections generations worldwide will enjoy but also what makes them different from other chocolates on store shelves today National Jelly Bean Day is also celebrated by some because of the unique history the jelly bean has.

How can we celebrate National Jelly Bean Day:

You can turn your backyard into an art gallery by hosting a jelly bean paintball tournament. Give out small prizes to people who guess what items or individuals are depicted in the paintings that come from this fun activity! You could celebrate with delicious treats like cookies, popsicles, and ice cream if you want them made fresh rather than store-bought ingredients which often aren’t very tasty after sitting around all day long. National Jelly Bean day is a good time to stock up on your favorite flavor beans, enjoy your favorite family activities, or even just watch some old movies if you’re feeling nostalgic! National Jelly Bean day is a great time to enjoy this tasty treat, so don’t miss out on the fun!

Jelly bean games are always a hit at parties! One of our favorite ways to play is by putting together an endurance challenge where each person has just 10 minutes before they’re eliminated and must eat as many jellybeans from the worst flavor possible – like vomit or rotten eggs for instance. You can even make it into more than one competitive game by guessing how many beans there were in that jar (without holding onto them).

There’s a lot you can do on National Jelly Bean Day to celebrate with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be one thing, but there are some ideas for how best to spend this day:

-Have an assembly line-making process at home or work (to make sure everyone gets their fair share) – Plan fun activities like races between people who eat more jellies than others; teams compete in categories such as ” fastest eater” etc.,

Interesting facts about National Jelly Bean Day:

Jelly beans are a tradition that was born in America. The story goes, one day an American soldier got sick and had to recover from his illness quickly so he popped some j Jelly Beaks into his mouth for medicinal purposes- they worked! From there on out it became known as “Jelly Bean” which eventually translated over into other languages like Italian (Gelatina) and German(Gelee).

Jelly Belly is a company that creates delicious and unique flavors of jelly beans. They have been around since 1940 when they were first founded by frank Mars/109 other people including Allen Wagstaff who worked at Brooklyn-based food manufacturer Lever Brothers

The blueberry flavor was created especially for President Ronald Raegan’s inauguration back in January 2017! It’s amazing how many billions of these little treats we eat every year – enough to encircle our globe 5 times. National Jelly Bean day is a great way to show your patriotic spirit!

When 12-year-old Stephanie Hodgson made history in 2000 by creating the world’s largest art piece entirely from jelly beans, she had no idea it would take almost two decades before another person could break her record. In September 2017 at age 16, MC Asha Leo hosted a Facebook Profile Show event for GWR where they ate 40 consecutive ping pong balls using only chopsticks and achieved Guinness World Record status!

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Jelly Belly beans have been around since 1920 and are still popular today. The top 3 flavors according to their website are Very Cherry, Buttered Popcorn, and Licorice; however, there’s another flavor for which many people send them into combat – Barf! People in WWII wanted candy that would boost morale when they were out on freedom rides or fighting battles overseas so manufacturers created “comfort” packs with different goodies inside including chocolates wrapped up nicely into pretty packages instead of simply throwing handfuls onto tables like in earlier times had done because you could only take what fit your pocket at a time rather than having everything available all together laid flat upon the table.

In the 60s, during Beatlemania fans would throw candy on stage as they performed because George Harrison loved it. At that time Ronald Raegan started using Jelly Beans to stop him from smoking cigarettes and eventually became addicted himself – but not just yet! It wasn’t until he heard John Lennon’s comments about how people who were “without” always had something valuable that made them feel privileged–the jelly bean artist was inspired by these words when designing their first set of flags for America’s presidents (today we know them better).

When the astronauts came back from their mission, they had never eaten anything that tasted so good. It was like a whole new world for them and President Raegan even surprised everyone by giving out Jelly Beans during one interview!

History of National Jelly Bean Day:

National Jelly Bean Day is an unofficial holiday that celebrates everyone’s favorite type of candy – the jelly bean! It is said that this tradition was born in America when a soldier recovering from an illness found that popping some jellies into his mouth helped him get better. From there on out, it became known as National Jelly Bean Day and has been celebrated annually ever since.

Jelly Belly, a company famous for its unique and delicious flavors of jelly beans, was founded in 1940. National Jelly Bean day is the perfect opportunity to try out some of their delicious creations!

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