National Jersey Friday / November 5, 2021 – How to Celebrate National Jersey Friday?

National Jersey Friday is a day for Americans to show their pride in the United States of America’s flag and national colors. This year, National Jersey Friday falls on November 5th, 2021. Whether you want to celebrate by wearing red white and blue clothes or displaying an American flag in your front yard, there are plenty of ways to get involved with this patriotic holiday!

History Of National Jersey Friday

Jersey is a word that comes from the island of Jersey in England, where they have been knitting for centuries and their earliest sports clothing was made. The first Gymnasts were German athletes who wore grey linen uniforms but by the 1890s cotton, shirts became more common as team sport emerged with the need to distinguish players apart by colors dyed onto them or numbers are sewn on which eventually led to adding symbols like stripes today’s kit has dozens!

The sport of Cricket was the first sport to have jerseys. The custom for cricket teams is that each team would have a unique kit made up of their uniform, but there were still some problems with this as cricketers didn’t want to be seen wearing the same clothes as other players on different teams causing them not to play well because they felt humiliated!

So in 1877, the first cricket club was created to give players a sense of pride by wearing uniforms. This eventually led to different sporting clubs throughout the United Kingdom which became more popular and soon the US joined in adopting this concept where they started creating jerseys for teams based on their colors such as college football teams who wear unique kits every week according to who they are playing against.

What Is National Jersey Friday?

On November 05, 2020, more than one-third of Americans will participate in the celebration of this day by sporting their favorite sports team jerseys and showing off their love for America! This holiday has been recognized since 2010 after a poll was conducted on what people thought would be a great way to celebrate American pride. It was a landslide victory in favor of adorning their favorite sports jerseys and showing off the stars and stripes!

Celebration Ideas & Activities

1. Wear your team’s jersey

Wear your favorite jersey to show off the team you love this National Jersey Friday!

I’m so pumped for today because it’s a day where we can celebrate our sports teams. Throughout history, people have been wearing their pride in these jerseys from city-to-city as they cheer on whichever athlete is representing them at that moment—and now there are even more ways than ever before for our fans out here trying to make sure everyone knows who WE ARE too by proudly sporting THAT COLLECTION’S NICKNAME or NUMBER onto our chests each time these guys take The Field during games!

2. Take selfies

Share an image of yourself in your team’s jersey online for the world to see. Take hundreds of selfies and select only those that show off how proud you are of our fans, friends, or family!

3. Go social

Sparta fans love to talk smack on social media and that’s what the best sports bants are made for. You can go in hard oranged, venting your hatred of opposing teams while professing undying love for Sparty all day long! Post about how awesome this year has been so far with the #JerseyFriday hashtag happening now too-so make sure you check it out when we post our newest jerseys here every Friday evening (or morning)


1. The true jerseys are cows

Jersey, which is located in the English Channel and known for its centuries-old knitting style of fabric production called Jersey Knit has had a hand in creating one of our favorite sportswear terms. The island’s namesake comes from Britain’s famous dairy cattle breed -the Jerseys-, but it also bears some responsibility when you consider how these small mammals were originally bred there around 1500AD

The story behind jersey’s origins are rooted deep within British culture; however today their modern descendants can be found on islands all over Europe thanks to this wonderful little animal!

2. The jersey numbers are associated with positions

The soccer player’s jersey numbers usually correlate with his/her position on the field. For example, a fullback might wear number 10 while an attacking midfielder would be assigned something like 21 or 22 to help them get into scoring mode!

3. The first player numbers were hand-sewn

Sewing player numbers by hand was an early 1900s practice that gave the game its unique feel.

4. The Olympics played a part

The discovery of jerseys was not only due to the return of the Olympics but also because it created an interest in competitive sports that led to functional sportswear.

5. Dak Prescott has the best-selling jersey

Dak Prescott has the best-selling jersey, edging out Tom Brady. Dallas Cowboys star quarterback is on top of many people’s minds after leading his team to victory in last week’s NFL playoff game against Washington Redskins!


1. It celebrates our love for our team

The National Jersey Friday is a day to celebrate the love we have for our favorite sports team. It’s also an opportunity for us all Americans and those who don’t live in America but support them anyway! What better way than by uniting as one family during this time of revelry?

2. We get to banter with rivals

National Jersey Friday is no doubt a day we love because of the bants. Rivalries are always at an all-time high on NationalJerseyFridays, and rival fans can agree that there’s nothing better than some good old-fashioned banter between friends or enemies who want to smack each other in the face with their football helmet for tradition’s sake!

3. A chance to hang out with fellow sports fans

National Jersey Friday wouldn’t be so fun without the presence of fellow fans. We get to make new friends with a connection as powerful and exciting as sports!


where you get to wear a jersey on National Jersey Friday!

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