National Kitten Day Jokes 2023

National Kitten Day Jokes: There are two things I love about cats. One is that they’re so tiny and cute, and the other is that they purr when you stroke them!

Cats and dogs are probably the best animal friends people have. We just can’t resist their charming and furry charms. We prefer to own cats, but we think people like having dogs as well.

There are no bad dogs or bad cats — just the ones that are being treated badly or used as props for a product. When buying a pet, shop for a good home for your new companion and you’ll be surprised how much better your home life will be.

Join us on July 10, as we celebrate National Kitten Day!

Notional Kitten Jokes

My cat told me he’s old enough to move out on his own now, but then he said, “Nah, I’m just a kitten.”

Just found out that my kitten’s favorite movie is the Sound Of Music.

I decided to teach my kitten to write; you might think it was pretty hard, but he took to it easily. Before long, he could do anything I could do. Turns out he was a copycat.

My kitten kept trying to mount the neighbor’s kitten, so I took him to the vet to get cat-strated.

I cannot take my new pet cat seriously… She’s always kitten around.

I was in my attic yesterday looking for some old photos when I came across the present for my kids last Christmas. They would’ve loved the kitten.

My cat thinks my singing is just lawful.

Someone proposed Geico switch their mascot to a kitten… “Now, with only 15 minutes, you can save 15 purr-cent on cat insurance”.

Cat puns freak me out. I’m not a kitten!

I got my cat Kitten Mittens, and now he looks like he’s got a wicked peanut allergy. He does not like cat shoes.

There was a situation where malware was shown as a kitten meme… the damage it caused was catastrophic.

The latest episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats was hysterical.

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Funny Cat Jokes

Why did the popular kittens not want to hang out with the kitten with a prosthesis?
It was an apparent faux paw.

Why did the kitten join the red cross?
She wanted to be a first aid kit!

What is the appropriate response when your cat tells you a joke?
You’ve gotta be kittened me. You can SPEAK?!?

What is the unluckiest type of cat?
A catastrophe.

Did you hear about the cat that wanted to be a justice on the Supreme Court?
Just kitten.

What happened when Sean Connery bought himself a little kitten?
The cat shat on the mat.

What do you call a kitten crying on the grass in the backyard?
A lawn mewer.

What’s smarter than a talking cat?
A spelling bee.

Why are cats so good at video games?
Because they have nine lives.

What do you get when you cross a cat and a tree?
A cat-a-log.

Two kittens are on a slanted roof; which one slides off first?
The one with the least mew.

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