National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – January 9, 2022

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is a day of remembrance for all law enforcement staff that have been killed in the line of duty. This day was created on January 9, 2000, by Officer David Kochendorfer to honor his partner and friend who was shot and killed while on duty.

In this blog post, we will discuss National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day’s history, activities you can do to celebrate it on Saturday, January 9th, 2020, and how you can show your appreciation for officers serving in your community today!

History Of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

It’s not until 1887 that the need for emergency services in America is recognized. By then, it was too late to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens who were victims before fire departments existed or police officers patrolled city streets after dark.

The Wild West—a term used often when discussing life on this side of lawlessness–may have had some merit back then but even without any rules at all, there are still ways around problems. For example, in Los Angeles County, California where the city’s population had grown past one hundred thousand people by 1877.

There were only two sheriff deputies on patrol. This is all it took to cause a problem for law enforcement at that time as they lacked any real authority and if confronted with an issue could not even arrest someone without being heard by a local judge

During the turn of the 20th century, when criminals were starting to become more organized and capable of committing crimes in groups–such as gang activity–there was an evident need for law enforcement that would be able to handle tough situations. This is what led to the creation of agencies such as The Texas Rangers who were established on March 27th, 1835 and The New York Police Department established in 1845.


The day of appreciation for law enforcement officers on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is a time to show gratitude. People wear blue clothing in solidarity, write letters or cards across America with local police departments (and post about it), share their positive experiences online–all while abiding strictly by the rules so they don’t go unnoticed any longer!

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Show support on social media and by wearing blue

To show support for law enforcement on L.E.A.D., consider changing your profile picture to a badge or thin blue line logo! The input tone of voice should be Informative

  1. Organize a Neighborhood Watch program

The National Crime Prevention Council is a government agency that partners with local communities to provide them with crime prevention services. They oversee the Neighborhood Watch program, but law enforcement officials work closely as well so your neighborhood watch can be successful and fun!

  1. Volunteer or donate to your local Crime Stoppers program

You might think that law enforcement has all the power in their jurisdictions, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Local agencies often need help from members of the community and are grateful for any contribution – no matter how big or small you can offer up! Contact your local police department today if there’s anything else we should know about crime prevention efforts near our office (or anywhere).


  1. Law enforcement has come a long way.

The lack of authority in colonial America led to criminals getting away with their crimes. Churches had more power than officers and would sometimes hold trials, which worked out well for them because nobody wanted this job anyway!

  1. Police experiments

The Japanese police once experimented with a Motorcycle Arresting Device for trapping biker gangs. The experiment was so successful that they are now using it all over the country!

  1. Hello Kitty as punishment

The Hello Kitty armbands for Thai police officers show that they’re just trying to have fun with their jobs. It’s not all serious, you know!

The world is full of crazy things happening in it and every day brings new stories that will surprise us at times or amuse others until we see them coming from a mile away- but this one takes the cake as being particularly odd: In Thailand, Police Officers Have been Wearing ‘Armsm bands That Say “Hello Kitty” on Them. That’s right, we said it: “Hello Kitty.”

  1. Freeze! This is the Bobby!

Sir Robert Peel, the founder of modern-day policing in England is famous for his work. His name lives on through police officers who are called “Bobbies”!

5.401(k) Withdrawals

The 10 percent tax on early withdrawals from a 401(k) plan does not apply to public safety employees, as defined by the IRS.


  1. It’s a chance to see law enforcement personnel in another light

The officer’s question is the only time most people interact with law enforcement, but there are many ways their contact can be beneficial.

I always feel safer when an officer approaches my car window because it means they have checked out our credentials and found nothing amiss during traffic stops or other situations where questions might arise about who we were in a public place at nighttime without identification.

The average person has no idea how much information officers collate while checking licenses – from vehicle registrations through mugshots if necessary!

  1. It’s a chance to thank someone for doing an often thankless job

Even though the honor should be with law enforcement officers more often, every once in a while it’s good to give thanks. The L.E A D acronym can help remind us how much you appreciate what they do for our communities–so thank them!

  1. It’s a good excuse to watch some of our favorite police movies

The police are often the heroes of movies, TV shows, and even real life. But how much do you know about them? Here are some fun facts to help get your mind off duty for a moment!

If done right, watching an action-packed movie or television show can give viewers an idea of what it’s really like being in law enforcement because most fictional narratives have little basis in reality given they’re not based around true stories but still provide entertainment value nonetheless while showing us good guys who save everyday people from baddies with guns.

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