National Love Your Red Hair Day / November 5, 2021 – How to Celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day?

National Love Your Red Hair Day is a day to celebrate and embrace your natural hair, no matter what color it may be. It is on November 5th every year, but this year it falls on Thursday, November 5th because of the leap year. If you’re not sure how to celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day with style and grace, then let us help!

History Of National Love Your Red Hair Day

There are many theories as to why people choose one hair color over another. Some believe it’s because of our genes, while others think chemicals in the environment play a role and still more say that genetics has everything under control! The truth may surprise you: scientists aren’t sure how or why we end up with different hues from brunette (natural) through blonde – but whatever brings on those lovely shades will make your life feel brand new.

Redheads occur naturally in roughly 1-2% population; they tend towards Northwestern Europe where there is greater frequency than elsewhere due largely genetic makeup interacting synergistically with the environment. It is also more prevalent in Celtic countries, but there are enough redheads across other parts of Europe to make this a European thing rather than merely British or Irish!

Redheads have often been in the minority, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less worthy of celebration! The culture surrounding redheads has recently come to fruition with a newfound maturity. Redheads have been recorded throughout history and across cultures as many different things: warriors, healers, seers, witches – but it wasn’t until recently that redheads began seeing themselves in a new light.

For example, some people believe the low number of pure ginger-haired individuals is due to the fact so few births result in this color. Others say that the low percentages are because redheads themselves do not survive long in childbirth because of their unique blood type, causing more miscarriages than average.

Whatever your beliefs on why there aren’t as many pure gingers, one thing is certain: Gingerism has become so much more than just “red hair” and “redheads” because everyone has a unique way of celebrating their natural hair!

Celebration Ideas & Activities

1. Post photos online

This is your chance to show the world how proud and confident you feel about yourself. Show off those natural red locks any way that makes them shine! Tag #LoveYourRedHairDay so everyone can share at this moment with us.”

2. Get your red hair done

If you want to give your hair a boost and make it look good, visit the hairdressers. They can help with new styles as well as give us that perfect trimming we all need from time to time!

3. Meet with other redheads

Redheads, get your dancing shoes on! Red is the new green and this year for St. Patrick’s Day we’re going all out with a festival full of fun events celebrating our natural beauty. So dust off those wigs (or don’t – whatever you prefer) because there will be plenty o’ specials just waiting to make people notice how different redheaded folk can Be!


1. Population red

The Irish population is made up of ten percent redheads? That’s more than the nine-tenths or 0.1% that most people think!

I was born and raised in America, but one thing I’ve always loved about Ireland is all its unique features like their culture (cultural), language (linguistic) – you name it; they have everything going on over there… 

2. Well red

When it comes to skin pigmentation, redheads may be the ultimate solar-powered individuals. The lack of sunlight means these people have an evolutionary adaptation that allows them to absorb more vitamin D from UV rays than other populations do – which could help protect their hearts against all sorts of arthritis and cancer risks!

3. Saffron prince

Prince Harry is one of the most famous redheads in Britain, and His Royal Highness has been known to use an exfoliator on occasion.

4. Ginger Jamaicans

Red hair can occur in any ethnicity. There is not a particular Ethnic background that causes this color to form, and the same goes for why some people may have more than one type of redhead on their family tree!

5. Recessive red

The redhead gene is recessive, so both parents must carry it to produce a child with this color.


1. It changes history

A redhead is in control. There you have it, folks! This day negates all the negativity surrounding a natural occurrence and celebrates them instead- including their wilder tendencies which are often associated with savagery or otherwise considered negative traits like “savage.”

2. Unique is special

Redheads are known for their unique and rare natural hair color. They also tend to be more introverted, which makes them even more fascinating!

3. It’s just so bright.

There’s something about redheads that makes them stand out from the crowd. Their bright hair and freckles make it easier to spot in a sea of people, but what do we love even more than their color? The way they glimmer like stars on an evening sky!


Red hair syndrome is just one type of genetic disorder that can cause this color. There are also plenty more!

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