National Make Lunch Count Day

National Make Lunch Count Day

Lunchtime is an important part of every worker’s life, but for some, it can be hard to make time between tasks. The National Make Lunch Count Day aims at spreading awareness about how vital these few minutes are and encouraging people who work full-time or have jobs with busy schedules like students do – which means they might not always get a chance for their break during the day! National Make Lunch Count Day.

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Why National Make Lunch Count Day?

We’ve been there before. All of us have experienced those days when our hands are too tired to get up from bed, let alone make breakfast for themselves and start the day off right!

We all have those days where we feel like giving up and staying at home. The thought of food makes us swallow our morning coffee, despite the heavy workload that awaits for lunchtime meals in between busy work schedules with no time leftover on these hectic days to move away from desk unless it’s grabbing some snacks off there before heading back out again!

The fear of launching out is real, and it’s affecting your productivity! One-third (34%) eat their meals at work every day because they’re too scared to leave for any length amount time. 63% avoid taking a break from staring screens or doing other desk jobs where there are no kitchens available – which means you could be keeping yourself nourished while also gaining more energy by eating elsewhere… but who has room in their schedule right now?

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With more and more people feeling the strain on their health due to cut-throat competition in industries such as ours, we need an awareness campaign that will help both employees AND employers. That’s why our country has decided it is time for National Make Lunch Count Day!

Lunch breaks are important to ensure that employees don’t lose focus, but it’s easy for them to get distracted by the ever-present temptation of taking short spurts at their desks.

The day is used as an opportunity to spread awareness among people about how crucial making time during lunch hour can be if you want more than just an excuse; rather make sure these moments are utilized properly so they become some dimension in your life outside work!

The benefits of taking a break are endless. Get out from behind your desk and into another room for some fresh air to increase productivity in the second half!

How Can We Observe National Make Lunch Count Day?

The best way to celebrate lunch is by following these tips.

A healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables; staying hydrated throughout the day are just some things you can do for your mealtime success!

  • Gather your co-workers: If you feel like a lone wolf when it comes to taking your lunch break, gather some of the others for them to have some fun.

Use your breaks: Lunch break! Take at least 20-30 minutes of your workday to have a nutritious lunch and get some fresh air. Your brain will thank you for eating healthy food, which helps with focus when we are under pressure or stressed out—plus it just feels good in general so do what YOU can today because nobody else knows better than ourselves how our bodies need care themselves after all…

  • Share your memories of co-launching: Co-lunching is a great way to take your lunch break and socialize with fellow employees. On National Make Lunch Count Day (April 13th) try using hashtags like #NationalMakeLunchCountDay or #CoLunches so people know what you’re doing!

Interesting Facts About National Make Lunch Count Day:

The importance of food is often overlooked in our busy lives. Here are some facts to help you count it!

Lunch is the most important part of your day. It has been proven that people who don’t eat lunch tend to gain more weight and have a harder time focusing at work, so better not miss out on this meal!

When you think about it, not eating for lunch sounds like a pretty bad idea. According to statistics presented by Forbes magazine 22% of North American employees consider workers who take regular meal breaks as less hard-working and thus force them into skipping their meals! 38% don’t feel encouraged at all in the workplace which means there’s still much work needed on this front – hopefully soon enough with increased awareness from employers will come changes in company culture

If you’re looking for a way to avoid pain and discomfort after eating, it’s important that your meal not be rushed. Take at least half an hour with co-workers to enjoy the food without any negative side effects from nerves or excitement!

History Of National Make Lunch Count Day:

The day of the year has been set aside to remind us all that it’s important for our workers, especially those who are working long hours crunching numbers and doing other paperwork related tasks at their workplace or home office setup both during business time as well off duty activities like cooking dinner, etc., should take a break from what they’re doing every lunchtime – no matter how small this period may seem on paper! The National Make Lunch Count Campaign was created in response U.S based TGI Fridays’ president Scott Menville noting increasing pressure felt by individuals due not only because there isn’t enough sleep but also less time devoted to eating three square meals as days go by…

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