National Margarita Day 2022 – How to Celebrate National Margarita Day?

National Margarita Day 2022

Happy National Margarita Day! February 22 is a day to celebrate the drink that is as popular as it is delicious. In this blog post, we will explore margaritas from all angles. We will look at the history of this Mexican cocktail, some fun facts about how it’s made and enjoyed around the world, and provide some helpful tips on how you can make your own margaritas on today’s special occasion. So grab a pitcher of ice-cold lime juice and tequila, find a sunny spot in the house or outside for your bar cart, pop open those limes and enjoy these sweet-tart drinks with friends!

History Of National Margarita Day

The Margarita is a cocktail that was created at Rancho La Gloria, down by Tijuana when Carlos “Danny” Herrera made it for Marjorie King who had an allergy to many spirits. She drank the first one and immediately fell in love with this new drink!

The history of this delicious elixir goes back as early as 1814 where the legend has it that General Santa Anna ordered his soldiers off-duty after being defeated by US forces under Andrew Jackson during what became known as The Battle Of Molino Del Rey aka Mission San Jao del Parral Mexico. His men were allowed to have a drink at their local cantina and soon they started drinking from the town’s supply of Mexican limes.

In 1948, Margarita Henkel was born in Mexico City. Just a few years later she moved to Germany where her father worked as an ambassador for Mexico! She became famous for being kidnapped by her stepfather. She then turned her life around and became an entrepreneur! Her first venture was a small Mexican restaurant where she served the drink that would eventually become her namesake!

The taco is a Mexican dish that originated in the 1500s. The word “taco” means ‘to feed’ and was given this name because it’s traditionally eaten while on your way to work or clocking out of class at lunchtime meal, but some people still argue over which culture created them first! One legend says they were invented by Santos Cruz for his favorite patron Patty Lee who would order him up every day before going back into singing gigs all through Texas-even though these days you can get delicious tacos from any number of different joints across town…


The tradition of sugary, colorful cocktails dates back centuries. National Margarita Day on February 22nd is a perfect excuse for you to enjoy this delicious beverage and have some fun!

Muddled limes are one of the most important ingredients in making your favorite frozen drink so don’t forget them when preparing drinks ahead of time or experimenting with new recipes during creative daydreaming sessions at home- stop by our store today so we can help carry out these tasty festivities together!”

National Margarita Day Activities

1. Make it a margarita night

The perfect way to celebrate National Margarita Day, and every day of course! Get out your blender for a night full of margaritas. Grab some ice on the way home so you can mix up those frozen drinks before bedtime

A reminder that we should all take time throughout our hectic days at work or school to stop what we’re doing now because this one day will go fast if it doesn’t happen in May then when? Make sure not miss these tasty tequila shots made with fruit-filled salt shells–they’ll be worth waiting over Memorial Weekend (or whenever).

2. Pair Tacos and margaritas, a match made in heaven

Head to your favorite Mexican restaurant and enjoy one of the great pairings, tacos with margaritas. Invite friends over for an unforgettable night under one roof where they can try new dishes from various regions in Mexico!

3. Tour de tequila

The tequila makes the margarita, but it’s up to you what kind of drinker that might be. Whether it’s your friends who are looking for something light and fruity or liquid courage on game day; if they’re coming over just send them an invitation with instructions about how many shots each guest needs before their first sip!


1. World record largest margarita

The largest margarita glass in Las Vegas is made of 600 pounds and 300 hours. It took 60 people to finish this massive project!

2. World’s expensive margarita

Your dream of a luxurious life can be yours for the taking! With an investment into this company, you’ll get to enjoy all sorts of luxuries. On top it off with a diamond and one heckuva margarita from our finest mixologist in town- what more could someone want?

3. Record margarita consumption in America

In 2008, more than one out of every ten margaritas consumed in America was a Jack andREF Cinco La Clasa. In fact, it’s been estimated that this number has now reached an all-time high of 185 thousand per hour!

4. Record high imports of tequila

America’s love for margarita forced it to bring in 38.21 million gallons of sweet tequila, which is an impressive amount if you ask me!

5. World Margarita Championship

There’s a reason why “tequila shot” is an internationally recognized term. With this competition, you’ll be able to enjoy the best margaritas in town and see how your drinking skills measure up against other bartenders from around Tucson!


1. They bring the fun

The drink in your hand can say a lot about you, and when that drink is margarita it says “I’m fun! Playful. willing to have some good times.”

2. They are delicious

The tangy and refreshing taste of a margarita is one that cannot be matched by any other alcoholic drink. The three ingredients in this cocktail are tequila, triple sec (a type of liquor), lime juice which together gives off an aroma similar to salt on the rim when mixed with ice cubes; this flavor lasts for about five minutes before drowning out everything else around you at your next beach party!

3. Blended or on the rocks?

Some people like to think of a blended margarita as an alcoholic Slurpee, but then you have to deal with the brain freeze factor.

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