National Michigan Day – January 18, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

If you are looking for an interesting event to attend on January 18, 2022, then the National Michigan Day celebration is just what you need! This day commemorates the first time Congress voted to admit a new state into the Union. On this day in 1837, President Martin Van Buren signed legislation that officially declared Michigan as America’s 26th state.

The history of National Michigan Day is not all that interesting – it simply celebrates something that happened over 160 years ago. While some people find this event uninteresting, others will be glad to know about it before they plan their year-long activities for next year!

History Of National Michigan Day

The first day of spring is a time to celebrate the beginning of another year, but where did this tradition come from? The answer may surprise you.

The origin and history associated with Michigan itself date back centuries ago when it was discovered by French colonists in 1662. It became part of France until 1701 after being surrendered during the “French and Indian War” against Britain which led them eventually to become British territory today called Michigan (or simply “Michigania”).

Even though it was a British territory, the French influence is still evident in Michigan’s history and culture. It wasn’t until 1781 that this land would become part of America – after being declared as an independent state during American Revolutionary War.

In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson negotiated with Napoleon Bonaparte to buy the area known today as Michigan for $15 million which would be part of the United States in 1805.

Interesting Facts About National Michigan Day:

Michigan is one of the eight states in what’s known as The Great Lakes Region. It has many nicknames, including “The Mitten State” and “Winter Wonderland.” Lansing its capital city also goes by another name–“The Capital City”. But there are more fun ways to refer to it: Michigan being called ‘the Wolverine State’ due to our famous license plates that show off this animal – after all, we do have an abundance of wildlife here! If you’re seeking some peace along with nature then head for Lake Huron where there lies Port Sanilac County which was named so because fishermen would say they caught their lot at last when finding fresh fish THERE (you know how hungry those guys can get).

How we can Celebrate National Michigan Day:

Michigan is a beautiful state with an interesting history. How many of you know that Michigan was once home to the largest freshwater lake on Earth? What about all these amazing facts about our great blueberry pie, which has won over 100 awards at competitions around the world!

MICHIGAN DAY: A day dedicated to celebrating everything wonderful in Mighigan – from its iconic architecture and museums like The Detroit Institute Of Arts or Renaissance Center tower to its landmarks and state parks! Don’t forget to check out the fun things you can do in Michigan, from festivals like Oktoberfest or International Film Festival to world-class dining and shopping at top malls. National Michigan Day doesn’t have to be boring, so get ready for a year of fun!

These are just some suggestions on how you can celebrate our great state next January 18th, 2022 – but I’m sure there will be other creative ideas out there too! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the first person to plan an event that will become a yearly tradition!

We hope this National Michigan Day blog post helped with your research, and don’t forget to check out some of our other blogs for more fun ideas.

Why Michigan Day?

Michigan is a proud state, and the Michigan Day celebration offers an opportunity for everyone in this great country to celebrate their way. Some things we should know about our favorite Wolverine: The Great Lake State borders four of America’s five largest lakes; it also encompasses both lower peninsula peninsulas (which make up most of its area). This means that there are plenty of opportunities for water-related fun during any visit—from fishing on one side or boating across all five!

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