Best National No Bra Day 2022: Wishes, Messages, Greetings and Quotes

Best National No Bra Day Wishes: National No Bra Day is a holiday that encourages women to go without a bra. You may wonder why anyone would want to do this? It’s not because going without a bra hurts, it’s because many people feel like wearing one can hurt. National No Bra Day was created by three young ladies from Australia who decided to create an event around the idea of freeing their breasts and celebrating them for what they are: natural, normal parts of the female anatomy. In this blog post, we will look at how you can celebrate National No Bra Day!

About National No Bra Day

National No Bra Day was created as a way to celebrate the female body and campaign against society’s ideals about bras. The three women who started this idea got tired of seeing other women around them feeling uncomfortable because they had breasts that were larger than what is considered normal or socially appropriate, and decided that it would be fun to create a holiday that would celebrate this and remind women that they do not need to wear bras.

National No Bra Day-Date is October 13th

October 13th was chosen as the day to celebrate National No Bra Day because it is a significant date in feminist history. On October 13, 1970, over 50 women protested at The Montreal Stock Exchange and went without their bras for this one-hour demonstration of power and protest against men telling them what they can or cannot do with their bodies. They threw their bras in the trash to show that they were tired of society dictating their lives and telling them how to look, act or dress. The women who took part in this protest are considered the pioneers of modern feminism.

History Of National No Bra Day

National No Bra Day is a day to celebrate the freedom of not having your bras get in the way.

The origins of this phenomenon can be traced back two days: July 9th and October 19, 2011, when it was founded by Dr. Mitchell Brown after he noticed that most women don’t wear them during these times due to their diagnosis or concern over breast cancer risk factors like family history but rather because social norms dictate what we should do with our bodies ̶ which translates into discomfort from improper attire! He created BRAWD (Breast Reconstruction an Event Of Learning And Sharing) To raise awareness among those undergoing surgery; especially young girls at-risk whose mothers might otherwise forget they need support afterward.

According to a survey by Bravissimo, 80% of women wear the wrong bra size because their breasts are too heavy for them to find bras that fit. Almost half say they can’t bear to look at themselves in a mirror when wearing a badly fitting bra! The same study found out that only one-third of those surveyed felt comfortable going bra-less.

The three women who created National No Bra Day started this idea as a way to promote the ideals of feminism and radical acceptance. They want people everywhere to understand that everyone is different and there should be no shame in celebrating those differences without feeling like we need to hide them or cover them up.

National No Bra Day Wishes

In 2017, More Than 82,000 Women Posted Pictures on Twitter and Instagram using Hashtag #nobraday. So, You Can Share National No Bra Day Status on Instagram and Give an Status on Twitter To Create Awareness on No Bra Day.

  • Our scars are like a road map, each tells a story of the battles we fought and how strong we are for coming out of it.
  • #NoBraDay is for cancer awareness for women, stay safe and go for regular checkup, girls don’t come here and post rubbish for people to view your stupidity.
  • #NoBraDay is about self awareness to examine your breast. Check yourself now, breast cancer is a respecter of NOBODY
  • Happy Sunday lovers it’s #NoBraDay. Let us encourage breast cancer awareness

National No Bra Day Greetings

  • Lets defeat cancer together #NoBraDay
  • Breast cancer being the most common cancer among women worldwide, early detection however remains the cornerstone of its control. All women of reproductive age are therefore encouraged to perform breast self-exams at least once a month.
  • #NoBraDay A day for breast Cancer awareness and not one to showcase your boobs, let’s endeavor not to sexualize it and just see for what it is.

National No Bra Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages

“MY mom was sarcastic about men. She would tell me Adam was the rough draft and Eve was the final product. She was a feminist minister, an earh mon who wore a bra only on Sundays ” — Daphne Zuniga


” People think I’m trying to make a fashion statement because I never were a bra. It’s really because I’M a tomboy at heart” —- Cameron Diaz


“I Never Leave my house. Then I don’t have to put a bra on and I don’t have to change my pants” — Jennifeer Lawrence, Actress.


“I Was the first women to burn mu bra. It took the fire department four days to put it out” – — Dolly Parton,  Singer

National No Bra Day Qoutes

National No Bra Day Images

Many Celebrities and Women Will Post on Social Media using Hashtag #nobraday. We Collect Best National No bra Day images. you Can Share Those No Bra Day Images to Social Media. As You Can use your own Pictures To Upload Social Media and use hashtag on The No Bra Day Celebration. Its Not Just a Day, it Remind Women To Screened Breast to Aware of Breast Cancer.

No Bra Day Images
Awareness of Breast Cancer
no bra day 2022
No Bra Pictures

National No Bra Day

Celebrities on National No Bra Day

On this No Bra Day, Some Celebrities Are Going to braless For Awareness of Breast Cancer. These days, it’s hard to find a gossip magazine that doesn’t discuss the latest starlet who decided to walk around in public without a bra.

National No bra Day Images
Celebrities Awareness on No Bra Day
National No Bra Day Pictures
Celebrities on No Bra Day
No Bra Day celebrities

How To Celebrate National No Bra Day?

The easiest way to celebrate National No Bra Day is by taking off your bra for the day! That’s it. However, if you want to get more creative throwing on some comfy pajamas and hitting up a Netflix marathon with no bra on can be enough. You could also go shopping or out to eat at one of your favorite restaurants that day with no bra on to show the world what you’re made of!

1. Learn how to perform a breast self-examination

According to Johns Hopkins Medical Center, “40% of diagnosed breast cancers are caught by women who feel a lump.” The key is catching it early and getting treated as soon as possible because the survival rate for patients with stage 0 or 1 disease has increased in recent years.

2. Participate in social media

In a world where women are forced to choose between being seen and showing support for their peers, it’s not an easy decision. But while we may have different opinions on how best to go about this task- whether through sharing your experience or documenting yourself with no bra – there is one thing that will always unite us: our solidarity in the fight against Sharia Law!

3. Buy a new bra

It might seem like a silly day to get yourself something nice, but National No Bra Day is the perfect opportunity for women who are struggling with their bras and find themselves in pain.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Some images that have been used in this blog post are from pixa-bay under creative commons license and do not require attribution. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone, they reflect my personal opinion about National No Bra Day.

National No Bra Day Syndrome

Today I want to talk about National No Bra Day. You may wonder why anyone would go without a bra? It’s not because going without one hurts, it’s because many women feel like wearing one can hurt. The holiday was created by three young ladies from Australia who decided to create an event around the idea of freeing their breasts and celebrating them for what they are: natural, normal parts of the female anatomy. In this blog post, we will look at how you can celebrate National No Bra Day!


In conclusion, National No Bra Day is a great opportunity to wear no bra and show support for your fellow ladies who don’t feel as comfortable going without one. It’s also a great day to learn how you can best care for yourself and your breasts!

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