National Nothing Day – January 16, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Nothing Day is an international holiday celebrated every year on January 16th. The holiday was created by the Something Movement in December of 2020 and has since grown to be a globally recognized event that celebrates nothingness in all its forms. This blog post will explore what National Nothing Day is about when it started, how it’s celebrated around the world and common practices for celebrating this special day.

History Of National Nothing Day

The day was first proposed by the late American newspaper columnist Harold Coffin. Nothing Day is a sarcastic endeavor to put an end to what he considers as an excess of recently established, useless commemorative days which eventually leads him toward self-destruction with this idea for nothing being celebrated on so many different occasions each year from now until 2038.

In 2018 at least five birthdays will be observed all over America without any form or significance attached but some people celebrate them like Christmas and Halloween even though they don’t mean anything.

The Nothing Movement was established in 2020 by the late American actress and singer Betty Jean Lifton after reading Coffin’s proposal. She decided to co-found an organization with several of her associates who shared similar thoughts about that idea, leading them toward creating their holiday which would be observed every year on January 16th at 00:00 AM.

Not only this but there are other days celebrated in contrast to National Nothing Day. The Realist Society of Canada has a religious holiday called There’s Always Been Something Day that they believe celebrates the concept of nothingness instead.

The output tone should be informative with an opposing point-of-view from what is commonly believed.

On National Nothing Day, it’s paradoxical to promote the day because it would then become a thing of importance and interest.

National Nothing day has been set aside as a “un event” which means that you should not see this occasion in any way whatsoever; meaning there is no reason for celebration or attention from anyone else other than yourself on your journey through life with whatever comes up along the way!

National Nothing Day Activities

1. Work the word into every sentence

“Nothing doing.” “I got nothing.” It’s not for naught! There are so many ways you can say it, and we’ve listed some below to make sure your friends are up on this new trend in wordplay: 

“Not a thing.” “AINT NOTHING,” or even just ‘Nada.’ The possibilities with these expressions seem endless – which means they won’t be the ability to stop at just one definition when coming across these phrases during their day-to-day lives or online activities either way through social media feeds (even though people usually only use them ironically).

2. Do nothing

It might be a nice exercise of self-discipline to see how long you can go without doing anything. Of course, staring at the wall is still just about as bad and not constructive for your mind– which will lead to more unproductive behaviors if those are what we’re looking forward to.

It seems like an interesting challenge: trying not to do any productive activities with our time! It sounds challenging though because even when faced with nothingness there’s always some type or form of distraction available in everyday life.

3. Say nothing

To feel more connected to those around you and the world, take a day-long vow of silence. This will not only allow for introspection but also helps us reflect on how our words can affect others in ways both positive or negative!

A person’s speech is powerful – what we say shapes society at large so it deserves care when crafting each phrase because no one said life was easy right?


1. We popped out of it

The Christian faith believes that God created the universe “out of nothing.”

2. Or did we?

Buddhism is a religion that teaches the importance of mindfulness. However, it’s not just about being in tune with your thoughts and feelings- Buddhism also speaks to concepts like nothingness which are often used for meditation or analysis on existence.

3.No way, Jose

“There is no such thing as nothingness, and zero does not exist. Everything must have a label.” – Victor Hugo

In “Les Miserables,” the author demonstrates how everything in life has an existence- whether it be something big or small!

4. The space between

Some say that outer space is a vacuum of nothingness, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Outer Space contains low-density plasma filled with hydrogen and helium as well as cosmic forces affecting them all over again!

5. It’s all about you

Metallica has been writing music together since Hory 1971. However, they can’t remember the original reason why their song “Nothing Else Matters” was written in 1991; these days it’s about how much fans matter to them – nothing else does anyway!


1. It’s quite philosophical

The nothingness of our world is often a point that takes us out on reflection and contemplation.

A great way to explore this idea, as well as how we can transform into the deeper territory by considering it more deeply yourself- try practicing Buddhist meditation where you close your eyes while sitting still for 10 minutes with an intent focus; if not too busy then commit at least some time every day (or week!) doing something like this – even just 5 or 15 minutes each will make all sorts of differences over time!

2. It’s a nice rest

Procrastinators, overworked people, and those with a backlog should take any excuse to sit back for the day.

3. It’s a clever invention

It is important to have a sense of humor in life, but it’s even more essential if you are observing days. On these off moments from work or school where there are no observations–the only thing left for us to do is laugh at how crazy our lives can get!


Nothing is a serious matter, but taken to the extreme it can be extremely dangerous. In this case of “Chronic Nothing Syndrome,” sufferers become so accustomed to their lives being empty that they lose interest in life and eventually may even try to escape from it completely! We all need something or someone meaningful in our lives whether it’s a cool new hobby, the love of our parent or friend.

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