National Ohio Day-Things Everyone Should Know!

National Ohio Day is a holiday that is celebrated annually on November 2. It commemorates the anniversary of when Ohio became a state in 1803. The day is often commemorated with parades, fireworks displays, and other festivities throughout the state. This post will provide you with information about how to celebrate this special day!

About the Holiday

National Ohio Day is a state holiday and schools and businesses are closed. Street vendors sell pennants, license plates, and other souvenirs with insignias of the state to commemorate this day. The annual celebration includes parades, fireworks displays, and family gatherings like picnics.

November 2022 Holiday Calendar

If you are planning on taking this day off from work, be sure to check the November 2021 Holiday Calendar to see what other days off your company offers.

History Of National Ohio Day

One of the many reasons why November 2nd is chosen as National Ohio Day each year, it celebrates an important moment in our state’s history. Ohio was first admitted to becoming part of America on March 1st, 1803 after 17 other states had already joined together before them!

How to Celebrate National Ohio Day?

1. Visit the finest parks in Ohio

If you are looking for a place to visit that has beautiful scenery, this is it! With thirty islands and an Erie shoreline filled with history. There are so many places one can explore on land or sea. You may want to try Kelly’s Island which was once home t several Native American tribes before being settled by European settlers in the 1800s., Cedar Point where roller coasters await your every need; Put-InBay island offers amazing views of Lake Huron while also having shopping opportunities like no other spot does–and last but certainly not least The Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge holds over two hundred species within its borders making it safe enough birdwatch without worrying about any dangerous wildlife attacking close up.

2. Eat and celebrate!

The best way to celebrate Ohio Day is with an amazing meal. From pierogies and kielbasa, chili dogs with cheddar cheese fries, or a fried bologna sandwich- you will not be disappointed! End your day by tasting some buckeye candy from local vendors that have been handcrafted just for this event only!.

3. Visit the Museums!

Check out the various Museums that Ohio has to offer! Pro Football Hall of Fame, rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Toledo Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Natural History – just some favorites among many museums in this great state.

4. Plan a day Trip

Ohio is home to some incredible day trip destinations, all worth the time and effort. Plan your next excursion with friends or family in mind! You may visit Yellow Springs for its lush landscapes; Lancaster County’s Amish Country villages that were once thriving townships before globalization changed everything forever; Hocking Hills where you can explore foggy forests on foot while taking part in various outdoor activities like fishing at one pond over another dozen smaller ones below it – there are plenty more places waiting just beyond what you think is “the nearest.”

5. Ohio History Centre

This is a perfect location in Cincinnati to celebrate National Ohio Day! Explore the various exhibits of flora and fauna, as you get insight into how people live through archeology and Civil War. Discover more than just history on this day – explore sports-related artifacts too like those from The Big Red Machine or even FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi jersey worn during their 2013 Champions League victory over Bayern Munich (1:0).


Ohio has a long and interesting history. On March 1st, 1803 it became the 17th state of our Union with Ohio’s first constitution written in 1802 by Thomas Worthington (a federalist). Cincinnati was planted as America’s “gateway to discovery” just after Alexander Hamilton alleged that he landed there while delivering supplies during his tour through frontier areas at Confederation Congress’ request between November 10-14 1794 or around August 20, 1795 – two years before establishing settlements near what would become Xenia which were lithographed upon maps drawn up from explorations led out westwards under commandants such Cresap who established credibility guiding men over these wide-open spaces of Ohio.

Ohio is the only state in North America to have never been occupied by another civilization. Ohio has an interesting history, from being home to both Native Americans and European settlers alike it’s clear that this land holds so much character within its borders. Columbus was instrumental for many technological firsts: 1879 saw it become one of Ohio’s very first cities to be lit electrically while nearly 50% (44%) US population resides within a 500-mile radius making old Buckeye State a must-see!


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