National Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day

National Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day: This Memorial Day, we remember the victims of Oklahoma City and their families. On April 19th every year people around America commemorate what happened with a moment of silence to honor those who were killed in the Federal Building attack back when it was still new.”

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Why Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day?

Oklahoma City’s Commemoration Day is a day to commemorate the callous bomb attack on Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, United States which led to its destruction by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols nearly two decades ago. The event has been remembered as one where168 people lost their lives due to appalling act that still haunts America today.

The explosion in the kitchen was severe, resulting in damages equivalent to about $652 million. The nearby 13 buildings were also damaged along with numerous numbers of cars parked outside on site that were Cambodian immigrants’ property before this tragedy happened. 168 people are dead and over 650 injured due effects of these explosions.

How we can Observe National Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day:

The eradication of terrorism is a must. It’s better to stay with nothing instead of getting something at the cost of innocent souls, and no one has ever right in taking others’ lives for any reason other than their freedom or revolution–whether it be due them some delusions about religion being on behalf God- Lions Clubs International Crusade Against Hunger (LCIH) Foundation); belief that this will bring change within communities through Social entrepreneurship; simply wanting power over another person’s life. Terrorism destroys peace, innocent lives, and the future while leaving countless numbers of orphans, widows, and disabled victims in its wake.

The hashtags #OklahomaCityBombingCommemorationDay and # OklahomaAttack have been trending on Twitter following last night’s bomb attack that left several people dead. The violence is not the solution to anything, so let us mourn together for those who were taken too soon while they still had lives ahead of them – using this HashTag (#SayNoToTerrorism).

Interesting Facts About Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day:

On this day, a memorial worth $29 million raised by public funds was built to pay respect and commemorate those who lost their lives. The same time is also observed as an annual marathon following 168 seconds of silence in memory for all victims each year since the attack happened there so often before it could be continued on another occasion with new life brought into fruition from these events holding deep meaning not just locally but globally too because anything can happen anywhere at any moment regardless if you’re aware or experienced something traumatic yourself-which makes these moments worth living through once again even though they may seem impossible sometimes to do so.

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Though the building was crowded with people during an explosion, few managed to escape. Those who fled out of it were being caught up in a crowd and slowed down evacuation procedures; as such situations would be overcome by implementing new strategies for civilian safety on federal highways afterward.

When disaster strikes, it’s up to the world community of Rescue Workers and philanthropists like you that save lives. The extensive rescue operations for this latest catastrophe in Houston were carried out by 665 people immediately commanded with an order from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). They received donations from all over which became clear proof humanity exists!


McVeigh planned to bomb the Federal Building as revenge for what he believed were government injustices against innocent people during Ruby Ridge and Waco. He would have timed his attack with timing being key in order not only to kill himself but also cause major destruction on property that fed 10nmiles away from ground zero at Oklahoma City’s Murft Square.

When Timothy McVeigh was arrested after about one and a half hours of the attack, it is clear that he had something to do with it. The forensic investigation into what happened at the explosion site revealed his involvement in obtaining materials for making bombs as well other evidence such as this trucking company’s license plates which were found on an abandoned car near where they exploded together therefore both men could be considered primary suspects even before any charges were filed against them or trial started.

John McVeigh was executed by lethal injection in 1997, and his executioner’s voice was broadcasted across television.

Nichols was sentenced to life imprisonment whereas Michael is sent away for 12 years due to his involvement in scouting the federal building and also imposed a hefty fine of 75000$. His wife, Lori convicted on charges related to faking licenses but lucky enough not to get caught when she testified against the main conspirator’s husband.

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