National Organ Donor Day / February 14, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Organ Donor Day?

The National Organ Donor Day is an annual observance of the importance of organ donation. The day was first observed in 1968 and has been celebrated on February 14th every year since then. Originally, the day was established by law through a joint resolution signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and approved unanimously by Congress. The purpose of this holiday is to spread awareness about the need for organ donors as well as to honor those that have donated their organs or tissues.

History Of National Organ Donor Day

National Donor Day is a day to celebrate the many people who give their time, talent, and life savings in support of others. Started by Saturn Corporation with United Auto Workers partners back when it started out as American Red Cross Blood Donation Program (1998), National Donor’s Appreciation Week every November 11th – 17 will be happening this year too!

Celebrate National Organ Donor Day – February 14, 2022 Activities & Ideas

Take the time to thank an organ donor by sending a card or letter. The American Kidney Fund offers these cards in English and Spanish on their website for you to print off at home!

Organize a local blood drive with your local Red Cross or other community organizations to get others involved in the celebration of National Organ Donor Day.

The American Red Cross suggests visiting a local nursing home and donating blood while you’re there, or hosting an event at your school for students to donate blood together.

Organize a group run or bike ride on February 14th with friends and family to raise awareness about organ donation.

Invite your friends and family to share their stories of organ donors on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram-hashtagging #OrganDonorDay!

Make a Valentine’s Day card for an organ donor at school with younger kids; make colorful cards for local nursing homes by visiting Pinterest for some fun ideas!


The National Organ Donor Day signifies an important day for our nation to celebrate the lives saved by organ donors, as well as thank those that have donated their time and talents. What are your plans for February 14th?

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