National Oysters Rockefeller Day – January 10, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Oysters Rockefeller Day is a national holiday in the United States celebrated on January 10th. It commemorates the day when oyster farmers from New Orleans served their famous dish at a banquet honoring city officials. The date of celebration was chosen because it falls exactly one month before Mardi Gras, which is the final hurrah before Lent. In this blog post, I will discuss some interesting facts about National Oysters Rockefeller Day, as well as provide you with resources to help celebrate and learn more!

History Of National Oysters Rockefeller Day

The National Oysters Rockefeller Day was founded by Antoine’s in 2017 to honor this traditional dish! People all over America celebrate it as a fun food holiday.

Interesting Facts About National Oysters Rockefeller Day:

The Oyster Rockefeller has been around for centuries and is a popular dish in New Orleans. The recipe can be traced back to France, though its roots are thought to come from Italy or England. It contains buttery breadcrumbs coated with parsley watercress scallions fennel bulbs garlic 18 ingredients mostly consisting of those items plus spinach which many recipes call for but Antoine’s does not include it!

How Can We Observe National Oysters Rockefeller Day?

1. Visit Antoine’s Restaurant

Antoine’s is more than just a restaurant, it’s an experience! If you happen to stay near Antoine’s order the Oysters Rockefeller while savoring all of their histories. Tell your children about how these delicious little guys have been making people happy ever since President Monroe enjoyed them at least 150 years ago…and don’t forget that waiting time can sometimes be as enjoyable as eating yourself 😉

2. Cook up some Oysters Rockefeller

The best way to observe National Oysters Rockefeller Day is by cooking some up! Hit the seafood market for fresh oysters, wash them and shuck their shells before dressing with butter.

3. Create a new version of them!

The next time you’re looking for a new and exciting way to eat your oysters, try pairing them up with some of our favorite sauces. You’ll be surprised at just what flavors can come together!

Pairing: If creativity is something that has caught on fire inside of you then get creative today – because we’ve got all sorts of delicious things available here at Rockefeller’s Bros., including raw selections as well as those who have been boiled or baked before they hit this earth so take advantage while supplies last 😉

4. Learn more about oysters

Oysters might be tiny, but they pack quite the punch! And you’ll want to get in on this action if for nothing else than to impress your friends with what little knowledge of seafood we have here.

A large selection awaits at our local fishmonger so take some time out today and explore them all I guarantee there will be something new that surprises even those who are most familiar with oyster flavors (like me!). If it never rains then try these babies? These beautiful little bivalves may just change how often people order clAMS casinos!!

5. Throw an Oysters Rockefeller party

Do you love seafood? Do your friends and family enjoy it as well! Well, we have the perfect dish for them. Why not invite everyone over today to our Oysters Rockefeller party; there will be plenty of food so that everyone can share their favorite version (or variations) too.

6. Show some Oyster Rockefeller love on social media!

Love the original version of these little guys? Show them your love on social media today! Share a photo or recipe using #NationalOystersRockefellerDay and #oysterrorlday

It’s that time again – National Oyster Rockefeller Day is coming up. Celebrate with some delicious raw oysters for breakfast, lunch, dinner…you’ll never be disappointed by their creamy richness in any dish they are cooked into because who doesn’t love an excellent sauce to top off all those flavors?

Why Oysters Rockefeller Day?

The Oysters Rockefeller is a culinary wonder that has been enjoyed for generations. With one-half shell, some greens, and butter it’s quite possibly the most historic dish in all of France!

Oysters have been a part of our diets for as long as humans can remember, and they still offer a healthy solution to the testy taste that other seafood might give out. In many parts around the world, it’s customary to eat them raw or cooked with various spices such as hot chili pepper sauce which gives off quite an unexpected flavor combination but in my opinion is delicious nonetheless!

This mouthwatering dish was created by the late Chef Jules Alciatore! The half-shell oysters were baked with sauce and breadcrumbs.

Oysters Rockefeller is a classically styled dish with the most basic of ingredients. It consists mostly of oyster meat, butter, and greens that are cooked to perfection in their fat before being topped off by some Mornay sauce for good measure!

It’s hard to find a dish so iconic that it has endured for generations. But Antoine, the owner of this small restaurant in Paris is not just offering one classic – he offers other classics like Pommes De Terre Soufflées and Eggs Sardou as well! Many attempts have been made to recreate every detail from Oysters Rockefeller but none have ever come close enough until now…

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