National Peach Melba Day – January 13, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Peach Melba Day is a national holiday that has been celebrated every year on January 13th since 1926. The day celebrates the invention of peach melba by Auguste Escoffier in honor of Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, who also helped popularize it. It was originally served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce but has evolved to include different variations including strawberry or mixed berries. Celebrate National Peach Melba Day this year by reading up on its history and joining in some fun activities!

History Of National Peach Melba Day

It is an honor to be invited into the kitchen of one such as Auguste Escoffier, who knew how to create dishes so luxurious and unforgettable that they would make people crave his cooking long after their meal was finished. One such dish created for opera singer Nellie Melba-a friend whom he met while honing her craft on tour throughout Europe before achieving international stardom–came in homage not only from Chef’s love affair with food but also because she had been a devoted fan herself! This peach melba celebrates these two great professions through its rich flavors: delicate sponge cake soaked nectarines surrounded by thick layer ice cream mixed with bright raspberry sauce.

Nellie’s visit to the luxurious Savoy Hotel was a memorable one. While staying there, she received many gifts and special treatments from Escoffier in recognition of her achievements at court during his time as chief of this world-class establishment.

2ND EDITION: One night when Nelly stayed over while Napoleon worked at TheSavoyHotel he rustled up this amazing dessert just because he knew how much importance Americans put on hospitality!

The story goes that Escoffier later produced a low-calorie version for the singer, who had gained weight with age. This was how Melba toast came into being 

Toast is made up of many different ingredients but it maintains its integrity by not containing fat or cholesterol which makes this dish suitable even if you have high blood pressure issues!

How to celebrate Peach Melba Day

Not sure what to do on Peach Melba Day? Here are some of our favorite recipes that will satisfy those taste buds and make for an unforgettable experience.

1) Try out this classic dessert! You won’t regret it, I promise. 

2) For something different try Plan B’s Peaches in Brandy Cream Sauce 

This day is all about embracing the peach and giving thanks for a delicious fruit that has been lovingly cultivated by Auguste Escoffier.

In this case, some want to do everything themselves while others can’t get enough of knowing their favorite dish was made just right by someone else’s hands!

Peach melba is the perfect dessert to celebrate with. It’s sweet, fragrant, and refreshing! Celebrate in style by heading out for some delicious peach dishes or share your creation at work – both will make an impactful impression on coworkers who have never tried it before.


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Peach Melba’s syndrome is named for the popular Peach Melba dessert that was created by Auguste Escoffier in honor of Australian opera singer, Nellie Melba after she requested a lighter version of her favorite dish to aid with weight loss. 

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