Best Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Wishes – Messages, Quotes 2022

Best Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Wishes: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is a national day of remembrance in the United States, honoring those who died as a result of their service during World War II.

This blog post will discuss how to celebrate National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and what it means to Americans at home and abroad. We will also look at the history behind this holiday, including when it was established and why we mark December 7th as a special day for remembering Pearl Harbor.

This article will provide an overview of what you need to know about National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day so that you can participate in this important American tradition!

About National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

The National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day was established to honor those who lost their lives during the surprise attack in December 1941.

Everyone in America is encouraged to pause at exactly 12:55 PM (Eastern Time) and observe a minute of silence in remembrance of all service members killed as a result of this event.

The purpose behind creating this holiday was to give the American people a way of showing their respect for those who fought and died during World War II.

Presidential Proclamations for National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Since it is an official, federal holiday certain presidential proclamations must be made to institute the tradition of observing this day each year. Here’s a list of all presidents who have issued these proclamations and the years during which they were made:

John F. Kennedy (1963)

Richard Nixon (1973)

Gerald R. Ford (1974, 1975)

Jimmy Carter (1979, 1980) (1981 in a different format than the previous two proclamations because it was the first time that the president issued one on their own instead of receiving it from congress)

Ronald Reagan (1985, 1986)

George H.W Bush (1987, 1988, 1989) (1990 in a different format than the previous two proclamations because it was the first time that the president issued one on their own instead of receiving it from Congress)

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day-Date is December 7th

While the official holiday is in December, there are a lot of people who choose to observe this day during the weekend before or after.

December is an important month because it is symbolic of Pearl Harbor Day, but also because it gives us a chance to remember everything that happened during the war and to talk about what we learned.

This date is very significant because it’s the day when Japan attacked American Naval Base in Hawaii, which triggered United States to take part in World War II.

The Japanese started this attack with an air raid over military installations on Oahu Island (most notably Pearl Harbor) and other targets.

The attack lasted for two hours, killing approximately 2400 Americans (most of whom were on the battleship USS Arizona), wounding over 1000 people, and destroying or damaging 18 warships and 300 airplanes.

History Of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

This day is observed on December 2001 by all Americans as a time of remembrance so that we never forget the sacrifices made by service members at Pearl Harbor.

The holiday was established in 1966, but its origin dates back to 1945. In August of that year, President Truman issued a proclamation that called for the American flag to be flown at half-mast from sunrise until sunset on December 26th as a way of marking “a day of prayer and mourning.” This period lasted throughout December so that people could commemorate those who had lost their lives in the war.

Government offices and patriotic organizations throughout the United States, including The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), began making plans for a national observance commemorating those who had lost their lives at Pearl Harbor as early as 1951. In December 1954, President Eisenhower issued an executive order requesting that flags be flown over all public buildings and educational institutions on December, 26th.

In March 1955, President Eisenhower met with the leaders of The American Legion and VFW to discuss the idea of creating a national memorial day in honor of those who died at Pearl Harbor. In August 1958, these organizations created a committee that would be responsible for deciding when this holiday should take place and what it should be called.

In August 1959, President Eisenhower made a proclamation that officially established National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day and designated the fourth of July as Armed Forces Day. This day was specifically chosen because both holidays coincided with each other that year! The following month on September 27th, Senator John F. Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) introduced a proposal to establish December, seventh as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

President Kennedy’s proposal was passed by Congress and approved by Eisenhower on August 23rd, 1960 after much discussion about the final wording of the legislation. The bill called for “a day upon which members of the Armed Forces of the United States might pay their respects to those members who died as a result of their service in World War II.”

The day was not officially established until December 1963 when President Kennedy’s administrative assistant passed on the news that he had approved it. In 1966, Congress made this holiday official by passing House Resolution 289 and Senate Joint Resolution 115 which set aside December, seventh as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Messages

  • Wish everyone with Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day messages and wishes. Share with everyone around you the best Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day quotes and sayings.
  • “Wishing a very Happy Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to everyone. We must never forget this important day in the history of America.”
  • “The occasion of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day will keep reminding us how we lost so many lives. Warm wishes on this special occasion to all.”
  • National Pearl Harbor Day is significant in the history of the United States. To mark the importance, then the day was decided to be celebrated and commemorated by everyone present.
  • During World War II, Japan decided to attack Pearl Harbor and destroy the ships used in the war, and several people lost their lives.
  • On that war day, the warships were permanently destroyed, the pieces of the boats and humans sinking in the ocean. The USS Arizona and the USS Oklahoma were also dropped in that horrific attack.
  • The ships sank with all the people inside it fighting for the country, taking their life risks. They were the captains, the crew members, and the soldiers. All of them lost their lives in the attack.
  • “On the occasion of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, I extend my warm wishes to you my dear. Let us celebrate this day by remembering the lives we lost.”
  • “The occasion of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day will always be one of the most important ones in American history. Let us remember the lost souls on this special day.”

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Memes

  • “Warm wishes on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to everyone. This day is dedicated to all those whom we lost on this day.”
  • “The occasion of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is a significant day for all the Americans. Warm wishes on this day to everyone.”
  • “The best thing that we can do on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is to promise ourselves to always keep our country before us.”

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Prayer Message

  • “So many lives were lost years ago on this day and they will keep motivating us towards a better tomorrow and creating a better country. Happy Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.”
  • “No American can ever forget the importance of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Warm greetings on this special day to all.”
  • “Let us bow our heads and offer our prayers to God in remembrance of all the people we lost on this day. Wishing a very Happy Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Quotes

  • “Let us remember our men and women in uniform who gave their lives for the country…. Best wishes on Pearl Harbor Memorial Day.”
  • Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
  • –John Belushi
  • Our military thought that they couldn’t get to Pearl Harbor, that it was too long a journey from Japan to get there, and they proved us wrong.
  • –Jerry Bruckheimer
  • -Everybody knows about Pearl Harbor. The thing that really fascinated me is that through this tragedy there was this amazing American heroism.

–Michael Bay

Pearl Harbor Leadership Quotes

“Pearl Harbor Memorial Day is a reminder for every citizen to remember the brave souls of our country who lost their lives.”

Pearl Harbor Quotes from Survivors

“Wishing a very Happy Pearl Harbor Memorial Day to all the countrymen and best wishes to the fighters and survivors.”

Pearl Harbor Intercepted Messages

“Let us make it a memorable Pearl Harbor Memorial Day by saluting all the departed souls and honouring them with our love.”

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Wishes and Messages

  • Let us all stand united to honor and pay respect to the brave men who lost their innocent lives in the Pearl Harbor incident. To show the ones who attacked, that our men were full of valor and courage to stand together during the attack.
  • For the Pearl Harbor attack, the US men have nothing else to give but blood, toil, tears and sweat in return. The United States are together to pay respects to the martyred men in the Pearl Harbor attack. Let the souls of that incident get peace and stay safe and happy in heaven.
  • To fight against those who attacked the men in Pearl Harbor, let us all honor the victims and the innocent men who were caught unaware in the surprise attack. Today we keep them in our minds on the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
  • It was a bright Sunday morning which was darkened by the sudden attack on Pearl Harbor. Let us all salute the veterans and the good survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack. They inspire us to go on and stay strong always.
  • The Pearl Harbor soldiers fought back heroically and inspiring the United States to stay strong. They put the United States on the path to a glorious victory. Let us remember them in our hearts and minds and pray for them.
  • Let us come together with prayers and love for the victims and survivors of the Pearl Harbor incident in 1941. We remember their courage, their fighting spirit and how they faced the odds even in the surprise attack. We remember them today and always.
  • Pearl Harbor Day is a black day in our minds. Let us enlighten it by prayers for the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting against the odds and laying down their lives protecting the country’s spirit.
  • I send my love to the survivors and prayers for the victims of the Pearl Harbor attack. May the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day remind us of the sudden attack which lose our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters dear.
  • Through this wish, I send my love and warm respect to the brave soldiers who faced the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941. They stood for the united spirit of the United States and protected the country with their fighting spirit.
  • Love and honor for the victims and survivors of the Pearl Harbor surprise attack. It is indeed unfortunate that our brothers and sisters had to face the sudden attack. We today stand united and pay our heartiest respects and love for them.

How To Celebrate National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day?

There are many ways that people can celebrate National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. The simplest way is to fly the American Flag at half-mast in memory of those who lost their lives during this horrible event. If you’re looking for a more creative idea, try doing something which makes it personal such as writing an article about your family members or loved ones who have died in the line of duty.

One could also attend a local church service or memorial ceremony which specifically honors those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor, as well as all American veterans and members of the Armed Forces. Some places may even offer special discounts for this day to encourage participation from everyone! You can also organize your memorial service, complete with a guest speaker and special readings.

December, Seventh is also the anniversary of The Attack on Pearl Harbor which took place in 1941 so you could always mark this date by watching movies or documentaries about it! If you have family members who fought for our country during World War II then they would surely appreciate any effort to recognize their hard work and sacrifice.

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is a perfect day to show our appreciation for all of the courageous men and women who have served in this country’s armed forces! We hope you will take part in marking this important holiday by making it personal, meaningful, and special.

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Syndrome

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is a medical disorder in which, when the afflicted person hears about National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (December, seventh), they become irrationally angry and feel like attacking someone.


This disorder was discovered by Dr. Eugene Lidman in 1980 and has since been a controversial topic among medical professionals and concerned citizens. Symptoms include feelings of rage, an urge to hurt someone, and often delusions about certain people or groups who are trying to destroy this country through lies and propaganda (i.e. the liberal media, socialists/communists, etc.)

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