National Pharmacist Day – January 12, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Pharmacist Day is celebrated on January 12th to commemorate the birth of Thomas Bousquet, who was born in 1804. He became a pharmacist and chemist at age 16. His father ran one of the largest pharmacies in Paris at that time. In 1827, he discovered how to create an airtight bottle for preserving liquids which led to him being called “The Father of Air-Tight Bottles” 

Bousquet gained notoriety when he developed a way to preserve samples without contamination by using mercury or sulfuric acid as well as creating his recipe for ether. These discoveries helped make it possible for scientists to safely transport samples from one country to another without risk of them spoiling during transit. He also developed a means to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying in water by adding oil and later became the first person to use chloroform for anesthesia.

History Of National Pharmacist Day

While we were unable to find the exact creator behind this observance, it is indicated that they are likely an association of pharmaceutical groups and founders. It

is also likely that the date was chosen as it falls near to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and because of Bousquet’s discovery involving air-tight bottles for preserving liquids which we mentioned earlier in this article.


1. Thank a pharmacist in person

Your next visit to the pharmacy is a must, so we want you to stop in and thank one of our staff members. They’re always there for help with any questions or concerns that might come up during your medication process!

2. Share some words

The next time you need a prescription filled, be sure to visit Twitter. Post your thanks with #NationalPharmacistDay and let people know just how much their service means!

3. Post a photo

The portrait of a pharmacist is something we all need. Pharmacists make sure you’re safe and happy, so show them how much they mean to your life by sharing this photo!



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1. It honors more than 300,000 employees

316,500 pharmacists in the United States as of 2016 are an indication that this profession continues to grow. However with less than 224K just 15 years prior, there’s still room for expansion!

2. The profession is vital to our economy

In the U.S., pharmacists are a critical link between patient care and public health because they can help keep us healthy which means that many employers foot the bill for work-related absence from our lives with this huge expense numbering at around $260 billion per year!

3. They do much more than dispense medication

Pharmacists are a valuable resource for those who need advice and tips on how to take multiple medications.


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