National Pie Day – January 23, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Pie Day is a holiday celebrated on January 23 in the United States. It was first recognized by presidential proclamation in 1977 and was established as an official “holiday” in 1986. The day recognizes pie — including apple pie — and also celebrates events such as the marriage of John F Kennedy (1917-1963) to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (1929-1994).

This blog post will provide information about National Pie Day, when it occurs every year, its history, how it’s celebrated across America, and what pies are popular during this time. This blog post will also provide a recipe for a delicious pumpkin pie!


Apple, Cherry, and Blueberry fans rejoice! On January 23rd you will have the opportunity to enjoy all your favorite flavors of America’s favorite dessert. National Pie Day is here.

to celebrate with one day devoted entirely towards pies that are sure not only satisfy but also bring back memories from when we were kids playing in our mom’s kitchen or making them together as an activity for class parties – who could forget those fun times?!

History Of National Pie Day

One of the oldest prepared foods, pie shows up in written recipes dating back to ancient Romans. The first known recipe was for rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie which is thought to have been invented by Apicius, an Iberian slave who served under Emperor Nero between 54 AD – 62 AD.

Pie began to appear in America during the 18th century with pies like shoofly pie, blackberry pie, and apple pandowdy recipes appearing in cookbooks by Amelia Simmons (1796) and John Smith (1809). The oldest known handwritten recipe for cherry pie dates back to 1780. The pie was often viewed as a status symbol during this time because it was expensive to acquire ingredients like sugar, spices, and butter. Pie became more accessible in the early 20th century as commercial bakeries began making pies that were easy to mass-produce – usually with a bottom crust only or no upper crust at all (the top of the pie is covered with lattice pastry strips).

The Pilgrims and other English settlers who fled for the Americas brought pies with them. But although America is famous today as home to sweet pumpkin, pecan, or custard-filled delicacies at Thanksgiving tables across its landscape; these weren’t present back then – not even when it was called “The First Thanksgiving.” This tradition only began developing many years after this eventful first encounter between Native Americans ( Pow Wow )and white men. Today there are five times more savory than sugary types available which continues an enduring fixture found on American plates every year during harvest time festivities knowns hereabouts simply by their term: Football Sunday!


You won’t want to miss this! Celebrate National Pie Day and do something that is as American as apple pie, with a slice of heaven. Hosting contests for those who can eat the most slices in one sitting or going all out by baking your favorite pies yourself? Join us on November 28th at 1 pm EST/10 am PST so we see which flavor reigns supreme–apple versus blueberry vanilla bean chess combination anyone?

National Pie Day Activities

1. Eat some pie!

How can you not celebrate National Pie Day? The best way to honor this day is by eating your favorite pie or trying a new flavor.

2. Learn to bake a pie

Baking a pie can be as easy and delicious. Look up how-to instructions online, ask your mom for the recipe she used when you were little, or just follow one of many recipes that are available in books today!

3. Enter a pie bake-off

Organizations around the world have been hosting pie-baking contests for many years. This is a great way to show off what you’ve got and impress those who don’t know how good your cooking skills are!


1. American Pie remains mostly unexplained

This phrase is most often associated with Buddy Holly, who was killed in the plane crash that also claimed the lives of fellow musicians. Although there have been many claims to its origins, most of which were debunked by Snopes, the phrase is mostly used as a metaphor for being lost or misplaced.

2. Getting pied dates back to silent film

It’s not just the dogs who eat their droppings. Laurel and Hardy’s 1927 film, The Battle of Century featured a pie fight that used around 4 thousand pies!

3. Pie might taste best at the Bradys’

It turns out that of all TV moms, Carol Brady from “The Incredible Mrs. Kravitz” would make the best pie! 40% of respondents agreed with this statement in 2008 when asked by The Daily Mail Online.

4. Sweeney Todd redefined meat pies

Johnny Depp gave a memorable performance in Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd as the “demon barber of Fleet Street,” who murders his clients so that neighbors can bake them into pies.

5. Walter White’s iconic pizza scene spawned copycats

A few Breaking Bad fans recreated a memorable scene from the show by throwing pizza onto the roof of Walter White’s house.


1. It lets us spoil ourselves

It’s a special day, so why not enjoy some pie?

The thought of eating something sweet for breakfast doesn’t sound too appealing on most mornings. But what I’m about to tell you may change your mind: this delicious treat was invented as an excuse and nowadays guilt-free versions are available at nearly every store!

2. It’s got something for everyone

Pies are a delicious way to celebrate any occasion, no matter how big or small. Paired with the right ingredients and technique they can be enjoyed by everyone in your family!

The best part about making pies? There’s an infinite number of possibilities waiting for you – so grab some dough (or milk) before someone else does because these will make great gifts too!!

3. It reminds us of summer

Do you love pie? Of course, who doesn’t! Pie is one of those desserts that can be enjoyed at any time during the year. But as we reflect on National Pie Day this January 31st and look forward to summertime days where fresh fruit abounds in your favorite snack stand–I want you to think about how much better life will be when it comes back around again next July 4th or Labor Day weekend.


Bakers beware! You can get pie-faced, which is when you dunk your face into a fresh batch of sweet goodness only to have it fall apart on you. This syndrome occurs mostly with cream pies and some chocolate pies that are on the verge of melting down while they wait for their turn in front of judges at a pie-baking contest.

Pie isn’t just delicious food, it has an interesting history and is something we love celebrating!

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